Buying Dog Essentials for Your New Puppy

Puppies bring joy and excitement to the family. However, owning a pup also comes with many responsibilities. Part of recognising this commitment is stocking up on puppy essentials at home. Whether it’s your first time being a dog parent or you’re just someone who needs a refresher, this guide will surely help you. Puppy-Safe Toys […]
woman carrying a Chihuahua
a woman carrying a Chihuahua

Puppies bring joy and excitement to the family. However, owning a pup also comes with many responsibilities. Part of recognising this commitment is stocking up on puppy essentials at home. Whether it’s your first time being a dog parent or you’re just someone who needs a refresher, this guide will surely help you.

Puppy-Safe Toys

A dog toy is not merely used for entertainment purposes. It also offers other benefits, such as:

Mental stimulation

Whether they’re high-end dog toys or other similar items that are cheaper, any toy serves as a mental stimulator for your pup. Aside from preventing your dog from getting bored, playing with a toy can also tire them out, which helps prevent them from resorting to unfavourable behaviours, such as chewing, excessive barking, inappropriate urination and defecation, and aggression.


Your little pup can’t stand being alone for extended periods. Sadly, you might also have other commitments to attend to, preventing you from being by their side as often as you’d like. Although it is not a replacement for your company by any means, with a dog toy, your pup can have fun independently.

Emotional needs

Toys can help dogs relax and stay calm. For your pup, playing can be a rewarding experience and counteract anxiety that they might be feeling. Giving them those luxury dog toys will somehow make them feel at ease.
However, take note that not all toys are appropriate for all dogs. If you have got your pup new dog toys, be sure to observe them during playtime to discern if they like it. Of course, you should also check if it’s safe for them.
In case your pup doesn’t like the toy you got, remember its size, shape, and material so you won’t buy a similar type next time. After all, there’s a massive selection of dog toys on the market today, and you’ll indeed find one that your furry friend will love.

Food and Water Bowls

Dog bowls are not just a container for food and water. Depending on the breed of your dog, customised food and water bowls can help improve your pup’s posture, make them eat slower, or even relieve stress on their joints.

Different kinds of dog bowls

Dog bowls are made of diverse materials. The cheapest option is plastic. However, plastic bowls can be damaged over time, and any loose pieces can get mixed with the food and ingested by your dog. Also, cheaply made ceramic bowls can be fragile and may contain paint and other hazardous materials. So, these are not the safest options for your pup.
The recommended material for dog food and water bowls is stainless steel, because it’s durable, doesn’t leach chemicals, and is easy to clean. Make sure also to get a bowl with a non-slip rubber surface, so that it’ll stay in place while your dog is eating or drinking.

Dog Beds

Designer dog beds come in various styles and colours, and you can even personalise one for your pup. The benefits of getting a dog bed are:

dog in a dog bed
dog in a dog bed

Personal space

With their dog bed, your pup won’t take up too much of your space or comfort, giving you a bit more personal space. This can also minimise the risk of your dog scratching or staining your mattress.

Good health

Dogs sleeping on the floor have a high risk of developing structural ailments, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. You can also further prevent these conditions in your pup by choosing luxury dog beds with orthopaedic features.


Giving your little pup, a bed of their own will keep them clean. Even if they hop on their bed with mud and dirt, you don’t have to worry about deep cleaning, because most designer dog beds come with removable liners.
However, before buying a dog bed, it’s best to consult your veterinarian first about which kind of a bed is the most suitable for your pet’s breed.

Collars and Leashes

Dog collars, along with proper leashes, are essential to have control of your pets when walking them outdoors. You can use these accessories for:

Dog training

Agility training helps keep your dog fit, increases their endurance, and strengthens their joints and bones. With dog collars, you’ll be able to help your dog jump over obstacles, until they’re confident to do everything on their own.

Behavioural check and correction

Some high-end dog collars are equipped with remote controls and receivers that make it easy for you to correct unfavourable dog behaviours. For example, there are e-collars or shock collars that can transmit signals, sounds, or vibrations to command your pup to stop barking excessively. And, these collars can have a considerably extended range, up to more than 300 yards.

Improved safety

Both simple and luxury dog collars can ensure the safety of your dog, other people and animals. These accessories instil discipline into your pup and keep them from getting into dangerous situations.


Most designer dog collars have identification tags, where you can input your contact details or the contact information of your veterinary clinic. Therefore, in the worst-case scenario of losing your dog, you can still have high hope and probability of finding them.
Before buying dog collars, do measure your dog’s neck and girth first. If you can insert two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck, then the collar is a perfect fit.

pup having a bath
pup having a bath

Grooming Tools and Supplies

All dogs require regular baths, nail trimming, brushing, and combing. Grooming needs, however, will depend on your pup’s breed. Regardless, the dog grooming tools and supplies that you’ll most likely need are:

  • Brush and comb
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Nail trimmer
  • Fur dryer
  • Hair clipper

Dental Care Products

To keep your pup from dental problems, you should use products that will keep their teeth and mouth consistently clean and fresh, such as the following:

  • Dog toothbrush or dog finger toothbrush
  • Dog toothpaste
  • Dental wipes
  • Dental chews
  • Dental toys
  • Dental food and food additives

Pet Cleaning Supplies

Dog ownership can be messy, but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the company of a furry friend. Stock up on odour and stain removers to eliminate poop or pee smell. Dog poop scoopers are also available to help you get rid of the bodily waste quickly.
To minimise the amount of dog hair in your home, you can use a de-shedding tool on your dog. You may also want to invest in an animal vacuum cleaner to make sure that dog hair is correctly removed.


Having the company of pets and puppies is guaranteed to change your life forever! Be a responsible pet parent by making sure you have all the things needed to take care of them.
Taking care of a furry loved one is truly a joyous experience. However, it also comes with a set of responsibilities. The good thing is that you can get practical tips from the Dog Friendly Scene on caring for both young and adult dogs.

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