Dogs need a lot of different nutrients to be healthy. Nutrients come from what dogs eat. These include protein, which helps repair muscles, zinc for critical metabolic processes, and fats for developing a good brain. Many other nutrients are essential for the dog’s body to work correctly.

Text: Vitamin D and a dog

How Do Dogs Get Vitamin D?

Giving your dog what it needs is vital to its health. Dogs need proper nutrition, plenty of daily exercise, and mental stimulation. Without these things, they can become unhealthy both physically and mentally. The below will teach you all about Vitamin D, essential for dogs. Dogs don’t get vitamin D from the sun like us …

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Zinc text and a dog

Why Is Zinc Important For Dogs?

The vital importance of the mineral zinc in dogs has been well-established, and this micro mineral helps with many body functions. Let’s find out! Zinc plays an essential role in a dog’s metabolism. Zinc will carry out vital metabolic processes, such as it helps with thyroid function, DNA synthesis, and brain function. Zinc is also …

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