BorrowMyDoggy Is What All Dog Lovers Need

These days, dog owners often go the extra mile to ensure that their four-legged friends get the best. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for them to be there to take care of them. Additionally, hiring a kennel might not be an option all the time. This is why BorrowMyDoggy is such a great idea.

What is BorrowMyDoggy?

BorrowMyDoggy is easily one of the best services for dog lovers and dog owners. Dog owners know how difficult it can be to find someone to take care of their friends.
BorrowMyDoggy connects owners with trusted dog lovers within their own local area, that will enjoy taking care of their dog, not for a profit just for the love of dogs. As a concept, it is not only refreshing and unique but also extremely helpful.

What Will the Borrowers Do?

People who borrow dogs through BorrowMyDoggy are all dog lovers. They love walking, playing and generally enjoying time with the furry friends. They can help out a dog owner in several ways.

Suppose you are unable to take care of your dog during a particular time of the day, such as when you are in the office. Through BorrowMyDoggy, you can get in touch with a dog lover who’d love to take care of your dog during that period. They will give your dog exercise, take him or her for walks and enjoy playtime together. After all, our furry friends have needs too.

It is not just your dog who will be having a great time. There are many dog lovers who are unable to keep dogs for various reasons. If you are one of them, you will get to spend some quality time with a dog this way. In short, BorrowMyDoggy is a win-win situation for everyone.


How Safe Are the Dogs?

BorrowMyDoggy has made everything incredibly simple and safe. Everyone, be it an owner or a borrower, can sign up and create a profile for free. Only when you want to use the service, do you have to pay a membership fee.
Before proceeding any further, BorrowMyDoggy will run an address and phone number check. This is great as it helps everyone remain assured of the dog’s safety. Only when this verification process is complete can members start meeting or chatting with each other. They recommend talking and meeting with the other party before making any decision and taking a dog on its own. For dog owners, it means that you can make sure that your dog will be in good hands and will treat your dog like family. For the borrowers, it gives an opportunity to assess the owner’s and the dog’s needs and if it’s suitable for their availability. People can meet up as many times as they and the dog need to, so they will be comfortable with each other.
Dogs need to feel comfortable and be able to trust their borrowers. This process gives them the perfect opportunity to do so.

BorrowMyDoggy Offers More

What makes BorrowMyDoggy even better is that they go the extra step in helping out all dog lovers. They help in providing accident and third party liability insurance to all their premium members. Nonetheless, the presence of insurance can be of immense help at times.

BorrowMyDoggy also makes sure that its members have access to veterinary services at all times of the day. This 24-hour access to the Vet line ensures that there is always a professional there to help in case of emergencies and keep each dog safe, healthy and happy.

Who Started It?

Of course, a discussion of BorrowMyDoggy will be incomplete without talking about its awesome founder Rikke Rosenlund. One fateful day, she took care of a neighbour’s dog and ended up having an incredible time. She realised that there were others just like her who’d love to spend time with dogs just for the love, prompting her to create BorrowMyDoggy.

In short, BorrowMyDoggy is an incredible service for all dog lovers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Owners get someone to help them take care of their furry friends in difficult times. Borrowers get to indulge their love for dogs and to learn more about them in the process.

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