My Ideal Dog-Friendly Holiday! The Lincolnshire Coast

Choosing a holiday destination where you can be sure your dog will be both happy and welcome is not easy. Or so I thought! My partner and I recently took my cockapoo, Luna, on holiday with us to a wonderful cottage in a beautiful spot close to the Lincolnshire coast, and what a time we had! I recommend anyone who has dogs and wants to see them in their element. Having the time of their lives then take a look at this brilliant place.

This was the second time I’d taken Luna on a cottage holiday, and both times she loved it. The great thing about this cottage was that it came with a big garden. It’s great for her to run off all that excess energy and it was ten times the size of that we have at home. The garden is fully fenced so I could let her out with no worries at all. Cockapoos like their play time, and it showed!

Beach Nearby

Luna loves the beach, and with one of Lincolnshire’s finest beaches just ten minutes’ drive away. We had plenty of time to explore! This part of the country which is on the East Coast gets pretty good weather too. The weather was lovely for us all the time we were there, so we spent most of our time outdoors. The beach had dog-friendly areas, it’s worth checking out before you let your dog loose. Most UK beaches now have designated dog-free areas too which was simply beautiful.

Luna has always been nervous where water is concerned, but here, she seemed to take to it straight away, jumping over the waves and playing freely on the shoreline. I’m hoping this has helped her overcome her fear of water for the future.

One thing I was worried about was her being in a strange house. Dogs get used to their surroundings – just as we do, and they make it theirs, too – so I was ready for problems. Like all dogs, she did bark at nights when left alone, so we let her sleep on the bed. She doesn’t enjoy that luxury at home, but in a strange place, it seemed to help her relax.

Going Out

Also among my concerns was whether or not we should leave her alone in the cottage, while we went out for the evening. We thought about it, and on two occasions went out to eat leaving Luna in the cottage. On our return, we approached quietly and looked in the window and she was fast asleep on the floor, most likely worn out by her favourite game of fetch that she had been playing all day! Great to know we could leave her with no problems for future reference.

All in all, I can strongly recommend that if you want to take your dog somewhere, check out the many dog-friendly cottages like this one. Also, Lincolnshire is a great county with plenty of open space, gorgeous beaches and a great choice in holiday cottages. So, have a look at what’s available and give your dog a holiday treat!

This guest post was written by Mike over at Cockapoo HQ



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