Dog Breed History

LEARN – The History Of The Poodle Breed

Poodle groomed for show

Among all the dog breeds, poodles are one of the most easily recognisable ones. Extremely popular for their stylish look, poodles come in three different varieties; the Standard poodle, the Toy poodle and the Miniature poodle. There is still confusion about the origin of the breed. Discussions are over whether the breed came from the …

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LEARN – History Of The Bulldog Breed, Appearance, Temperament, Health

bulldog Puppy

The Bulldog is often used as a famous representative mascot of England or the UK. The defiance of Winston Churchill during World War II is often compared with the nature of bulldogs as well. The Bulldog is also the official mascot of the United States Marine Corps. Thirty-nine different universities across the United States also use Bulldog as their mascots.