Why do Jack Russell’s shake?

Jack Russell’s shake mainly to expel excess energy that has built up. Since the Jack Russell breed are known to have high energy levels, it’s in their genes, they need to burn it off, and if they don’t, they tend to burn it off by shaking or trembling. Expelling excess energy is the most common reason why they shake. However, there are a few other possibilities to consider please see below.

Can Jack Russell’s eat chicken?

I wanted to know if my Jack Russell can eat chicken and also the possible signs of allergies. We all know that chicken is usually one of the main ingredients in several brands of dog food on the market.  Jack Russells can eat chicken however, all dogs are unique and have different dietary requirements, there […]

Jack Russell Terrier personality

The Jack Russell terrier is also known as JRT for short, they are lively, energetic, happy dogs. They love companionship and are extremely loyal. Since originating from a hunting background, they love digging! It’s naturally built into them to dig, hunt and flush out any rodents lurking about, this contributes highly to their personality of being fearless and lively.