Top 12 Travel Products For Dogs

If your planning for a long drive and wondering what you should pack when travelling with your dog then look no further, we have listed all the very best products that you will need for your journey. Planning a short weekend gateway can be a stressful time, and neither of you wants to miss out on your travel plan’s, nor do you want even to leave the dog behind.

Thankfully, many travel destinations are becoming pet-friendly and allowing dog owners to bring their pets with them. However, one thing that might be on your mind, is what to pack for your dog. When you are planning a trip with your dog, you need to be organized, Like dealing with the poop of your pet on the car seat, dog travel sickness, or even feeding them food.

Let’s take a look into the essential travel products that would make your travels with your dog a smooth one.

Best Dog Travel Essential Products

#1: Safety First Pet Car Seat

Pet Car Seat
Safety First Pet Car Seat

It is one of the essential things for your furry and sweet friend. The car seat fits the seat-back perfectly. It has exterior storage pockets for any extra ingredients storage. The car seat offers a broad view of your pets so that it can also enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. It has a safety belt that can be hooked with the pet’s harness for its safety. You can purchase the colour as per your choice.

#2: Safety First Anti Shock Pet Dog Car Seat Belt

Anti Shock Pet Dog Car Seat Belt
Safety First Anti Shock Pet Dog Car Seat Belt

The car seat belts are 2.5 cm wide and are made of nylon. It can be easily attached to the dog’s harness and into the car seat belt clip. The adjustable length varies between 53 cm to 75 cm and making it suitable for small, large, or medium pets. Its 360-degree swivel hook permits your pet to turn around and get comfortable without tangling. It comes with a 2.1 cm universal seat belt clip that fits into every vehicle.

#3: Ultimate Pet Travel Water Bottle

a dog drinking water from a pet travel water bottle
Ultimate Pet Travel Water Bottle

It is made of BPA and lead-free recyclable food-grade plastic. The easy push-button in the water bottle allows you to fill and empty the water bowl. Its secured lock won’t spill water in your bag.

#4: Distracting Pet Treat Licking Pad

A dog licking a pet treat distracting pad
Distracting Pet Treat Licking Pad

It is a perfect product to make your pet happy and distracted when you’re busy with some work. You can spread the pet’s favourite soft treat over the surface. Its repetitive licking helps in soothing your pet and calming their hormones. The pad helps in saliva stimulation and promotes fresh breath.

#5: Biodegradable Poo Bags

Biodegradable Poo Bags 
Biodegradable Poo Bags

YORJA Dog Poo Bags contains 360 poo bags that are easy to carry. The package contains 15 rolls with around 24 bags in each roll. It is environmentally friendly, durable, compact, and stylish.

#6: Safety First Aid Dog Kit

A dog on the stairs with the first aid kid
Pawly Pet First Aid Kit

The Pawly Pet First Aid Kit will ensure that you are always prepared to take care of your pet whenever it met with some unforeseen accident. The kit can comfort an injured pet until a Vet visit is arranged. It is a veterinary-approved first aid kit. It contains pods of saline, medium dressing bandage with ties, blanket, swabs, micro-porous tape, pairs of latex gloves, plastic pouches, alcohol-free cleansing wipes, scissors, and tweezers.

#7: Reusable Waterproof Dog Puppy Pee Pads

Reusable Waterproof Dog Puppy Pee Pads, with two dogs
Reusable Waterproof Dog Puppy Pee Pads

These waterproof pads help in keeping the environment fresh. It comes in leak-proof and non-slip bottom. These pads can be used countless times and machine washable. Its super absorbent quality helps it to hold around 1-liter liquid. The pee pad is available in a different size.

#8: Spill-Proof Travel Pet Water Bowl

A dog in a car with the spill proof water bowl
LumoLeaf Dog Water Bowl, Splash-Free Pet Bowl

The LumoLeaf dog water bowl which is splash-free and no spill. It is a smart proof floating disc design that can be used at your home and car while travelling. The capacity is around 750 ml. It has a non-slip base and comes in various sizes and colours.

#9: Soneer Dog Paw Cleaner

Dog Paw Cleaner and a dog using it
Soneer Dog Paw Cleaner

Soneer Dog Paw Cleaner is perfect to use after an outdoor play session, it effectively and quickly cleans the pet’ muddy paws. The gentle silicone bristles ensure comfort during cleaning. Its compatible size makes it portable and easy to carry. Its smart rotational design helps in cleaning paws smartly.

#10: Summer Pet Cooling Mat

A dog sitting on a blue cooling mat
Pet Self Cooling Mat Non-Toxic by Lauva

The pet cooling mat by Lauva will soothe your pet during the hot summer months. The mat can be laid on the floor, bed, car, and crate. The cooling mat features a pressure-activated cool gel that lets out a continuous cooling sensation. It can keep your dog 7 to 9 degrees then the current temperature. It can stop your dog dangerously overheating by absorbing your dog’s body heat.

#11: Leak Proof Puppy Pee Pads

A pile of puppy pads and a dog laying down next to them
ACE2ACE Thickened Pet Training Pads

ACE2ACE mega thick training pads these are ultra-absorbent, much thicker than the standard puppy pads, perfect for car journeys to lay in the back and also when you arrive at your destination. The pads have a quick-dry surface with built-in attractant, neutralizing liner, leak-resistant lining, and moisture-locking powder core.

#12: Premium Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover with dog in car safe
Premium Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

This dog travel seat helps to protect your car seat from fur and scratches. The Velcro openings allow easy access to seat belt buckles. Also, the seat cover eliminates driving distractions and goes with all car interiors. The seat anchors and snap buckles keep the seat cover firmly in place.
Think about the gloomy face of your pet when you even leave them for a few hours.

With these essential travel products by your side, you don’t need to leave your dog behind, grab these and be ready for anything!

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