Lets Find Out The Characteristics Of The Afghan Hound


The Afghan hound can come across as aloof. They aren't forthcoming and can be a little distant and uninvolved. However, the Afghan Hound dog breed may do this through choice or play on it more than we think - making them seem aloof when in fact, these dogs are doing what they want when they decide to!

The Afghan hound can give off a clownish characteristic that resembles a clown and being playful. When they aren't Aloof, they are generally jumping around and overacting. Watching Afghan hounds clownish antics is impressive.


Humans have a lot of respect for the Afghan dog breed. It could be down to their lovely looks, like the long silky hair or perhaps due to the dog's size. However, Afghan hound's can often show a serious side to them, and they are composed at times of stress.


Another good characteristic of the Afghan hound is that they are always happy. From puppies to adult Afghans, they have a cheerful outlook and are always pleased by the simplest things.


The Afghan hounds love to have their own space, occasionally disappearing to have a little chillout time. They generally don't depend on their human companions for love or comfort to aid their personalities. The Afghan hounds are friendly whilst still being independent.


Afghan hounds aren't aggressive dogs; however, they can tell a stranger from a friendly companion, and they will unleash their furious bark at them. But in general, they are very friendly dogs when they get to know you.


The Afghan hound is an independent dog that loves to run and play. Be sure always to keep an Afghan on a leash, or they will be off chasing prey in no time! They have a very high prey drive.

High Prey Drive

Afghan hounds are known for their size and thunderous bark. They have a keen sense of who belongs in your home, which makes them excellent family guard dogs! A stranger will be warned off by the enormous barks they use to warn intruders away.

Guard dog (Alert)

Even though they have a somewhat Aloofness to us, they are, in fact, highly intelligent dogs. When eager and ready to learn on their own terms, the Afghan hound can accomplish many successful training routines.


"They are very independent dogs but still very well behaved"

They are very independent dogs but still very well behaved.

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