Let's Learn About The History Of The  Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are small but smart dogs and were created over 200 years ago for fox hunting.



Reverend John Russell first bred the small, energetic, and peppy working terriers that we love today.

Reverend John Russell bought a small tan and white terrier female dog from a local milkman. Named Trump, she gave birth to the generations of JRT's. Coat, temperament and stamina were important.

How It Started!

One of the crucial characteristics of the Jack Russell Terriers is that they have just the right amount of aggressiveness, which is required to drive and pursue the fox.


Jack Russell Terriers needed not to be overly aggressive and never inflict any physical harm to the fox, which is considered unsporting.


Reverend John Russell used to take pride in himself of the fact that none of his terriers had ever tasted blood.



One of the many positives about a Jack Russell Terrier is its devotion to an owner. They thrive on the thought of keeping an owner happy.

Character &  Personality

– Energetic – Lively – Vocal – Friendly – Stubborn – Intelligent – Fearless – Athletic – Loyal

We owe thanks to Reverend John Russell for the JRT

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