Eyes Of A Puppy

Dogs love to watch everything that unfolds in their surroundings. It helps them to understand the world a bit better. However, the dogs do not get this gift by birth.

Time To Develop

There is a big difference between dogs and puppies. Puppies are born without the ability to see or hear anything.

How long does it take for puppies to open their eyes?

It takes one to two weeks after birth to open their eyes. They will only open when the nerves and eyes are fully developed.

Why are puppies born with their eyes closed?

Because the eyes of a puppy are not fully developed during their birth. At birth, the central nervous system of the puppies is not fully grown.

Closed For Protection

Also, at the time of delivery, the optical nervous system of a puppy is too delicate to withstand the glare of bright light.

Puppies are born with only two active senses!

Smell and touch are the two senses that a puppy has right after their birth.

The Eyes Open At Different Times

Puppies do not open both of their eyes at the same time. Most of the puppies would open their one eye for a couple of days before opening the other one.

Different Breeds

Puppies of different breeds have different development rates. That's why they may take additional time or less time in opening their eyelids to take a look at the world.

For example, Cocker Spaniels open their eyes sooner than Fox Terrier Puppies. Bulldogs can take as long as three weeks. Golden Retriever puppies take ten to fourteen days to open.

Care Advice

Puppies should not be exposed to glaring lights before they open their eyes for the first time. Even after they open their eyes, you should not put the puppies under any glaring light.

Care Advice

Till around four weeks, the puppies experience blurry vision. If puppies are exposed to the bright lights like a camera light during this time, their eyes could get damaged permanently.

When do the puppies start to see in the dark?

The puppies start to see clearly in the dark only when the Tapetum Lucidum is formed. It is a membrane that helps the dogs to see in the dark.

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