For the love of dogs and travel, a website was created


The Dog Friendly Scene is a place where you can visit to find all the VERY BEST dog-friendly holidays from around the UK. We also list and accept other dog-friendly businesses, like groomers, vets, animal charities and so on.

There are no fees or subscriptions to pay to browse the listings it’s completely free.

Where it all started

The reason why I created the Dog Friendly Scene was that when I wanted to spend some quality time with my dog and find a holiday rental that we could both enjoy together. However, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I would jump from website to website looking for that special cottage or lodge. As a consequence, most of the websites that I visited was either loaded with advertisements to the very same sites. I was jumping back and forth from just a hand full of dog-friendly properties which, to be honest, weren’t that nice.

This really did annoy me and with so many dog owners out there, surely it wasn’t just me thinking this.

So, at this time I was looking for a new adventure alongside my other pet-friendly websites, something to do in the evenings other than watching TV. So, I grabbed my laptop and put fingers to keys and started to create.

I have a natural flair for web design, SEO, marketing and I am all self-taught. Previously I had created websites for friends and family as a little hobby for 12 years, whilst I worked full time in the IT industry.

My passion is animals I do love them and I have done so my whole life. I grew up with 9 cats, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits and birds.

My very own Dog

When I left home I was able to get myself a dog. My love of cats will never go, but when I got a dog, it was everything I wanted a cat to be. They are both special in different ways and have different qualities.

I have a Jack Russell Terrier called Pippy who was originally a rescue dog from Ireland. I love him so much, he is an old boy now at 14 years old. We still love going on adventures around the UK and finding that dream holiday together.

Hope you like the Dog Friendly Scene and you find it of benefit to you. If you come across any problems please let me know or if can think of any improvements.

All comments are welcome negative or positive.

Teresa Milne

Founder | MD- Dog Friendly Scene

Dog and Teresa