The Papillon is a happy little toy spaniel dog breed, and they are the oldest of the toy spaniel varieties. The name Papillon comes from the French word for butterfly. Some Papillons have ears with hair like a butterfly, but some don’t. These are called Phalene dogs and is a French word for a moth. A litter can have both types of puppies – Papillion and Phalene. Due to the intelligence of these dogs, they need a lot of mental and physical exercise; they crave stimulation.

papillon dog full side profile

Do Papillon Dogs Shed A Lot?

No, papillon dogs don’t shed a lot. They usually only shed moderately. Dog shedding is a common occurrence in their life, and it will happen differently for each dog. Moderate shedding might be expected for some papillons, while light shedding might be more common. Shedding Shedding is a normal process not just for papillon dogs …

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black and white Papillon puppy standing

Papillon Dog Breed Information

Famous for their outgoing, happy nature, Papillon dogs are among the most well-known toy dogs. Descending from the toy spaniels breed, Papillons have a long history. Even though energetic and lively, these small and elegant dogs are not considered nervous. The butterfly-like ears of the dog are the reason behind its name. These small dogs …

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