Dog Breeds

There are many different breeds of dogs. I will tell you about them here through my articles. Such as the loyal fun-loving Cockapoo or the herding techniques of a Border Collie and learn about the love that a Jack Russell terrier has for its owner.

a cute puppy

What Is A Coagle?

The new breeds of dogs coming out are more diverse than ever before. Breeders can pick and choose their perfect match for colour or personality traits! one of the newer hybrid breeds is the Coagle, Also known as Bocker. Wondering what a Coagle is? Keep reading below to find out. A Coagle is a hybrid …

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Jack Russell 6 months old puppy and a small child together

Are Jack Russell Terriers Good With Kids? [Puppies & Adult Dogs]

This article can help you understand whether or not Jack Russells are good with kids. Are you thinking of getting a Jack Russell? I have included both possibilities, a puppy and an adult dog. Jack Russell Terriers are great with children. They are high energy and playful, which mix well with kids. However, as a …

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papillon dog full side profile

Do Papillon Dogs Shed A Lot?

No, papillon dogs don’t shed a lot. They usually only shed moderately. Dog shedding is a common occurrence in their life, and it will happen differently for each dog. Moderate shedding might be expected for some papillons, while light shedding might be more common. Shedding Shedding is a normal process not just for papillon dogs …

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Long haired merle Chihuahua laying on the sofa

Why Do Chihuahuas Shake?

Chihuahuas are small dogs with a lot of personalities. They’re known for being feisty, lively and full-on! However, Chihuahuas are also very sensitive little dogs. They often display their emotions through their body language.  Chihuahuas shake for many reasons. The most common reasons are that they have a high metabolism, are cold, or are excited. …

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