Best Exercises For A Large Dog

Large dog walking
Large dog exercise

In ancient times, our ancestors used to have dogs as their hunting partners. They were also used to guard the gateways and protect the livestock. In general, dogs are supposed to have a very active lifestyle. Something that is not quite possible to provide these days. The modern dogs are more like our couch-buddies. They are our playmates and often join us to watch our favourite evening talk shows. you have a very hectic work schedule. Once you are home, you are too tired to be all wired with your hyperactive dog. Result? Your four-legged friend is gradually becoming more and more inactive. It is found that when a dog is not getting enough scope to remain bodily active, it can suffer from both physical and psychological difficulties. All kinds of diseases and behavioural problems can be noticed- a widespread problem with large breed dogs.

So here is a list of some exercises that you can try to keep your large breed dog busy and active.

Best Exercises for your large dog

Take Your Dog to the Nearby Dog Park

Okay, so your dog doesn’t have a Facebook account or Twitter. But it is an excellent idea to find some way to allow your dog to socialize with other pet dogs. One way of making that happen is taking your dog to a nearby dog park.

You can schedule a day out with your other friends who also have pet dogs (preferably the larger ones). While you chit-chat with your buddies, the dogs can run through the park and enjoy their time.

Try the Red Dot Rally

You can use a laser light to play with your dog indoors on a rainy weekend. Your dog will get all busy chasing that red dot, jumping up and down and running back and forth.

However, make sure that you are not pointing the light directly towards your dog’s eyes. It can be quite dangerous. So bear that in mind.

Also, sometimes, your dog can get way too excited and desperate to catch that dot. It can hit a thing or two while playing inside the house. Keep your valuable showpieces away from its reach to avoid any unwanted scenarios.

Play Dog Tag

Try playing dog tag outdoors to help your dog exercise. It is an excellent way to jolt your muscles too.

Large dogs love a good game of dog tag, and it keeps them all active. However, note that if you have a shepherd, it is a possibility that dog tag will elevate the aggressive attitude of your dog.

Fetch Race with Your Dog

Time to bring some twists in the old game. Throw your dog’s favourite toy across the lawn and immediately race with your big boy and compete to grab the toy first.

This is an excellent exercise for large-breed dogs. However, try not to use a stick for this since they can splinter and cause injury.

Go for a Hike

Who doesn’t want to have an outing close to Mother Nature? If you are into hiking, you can always take your big dog alongside and enjoy a great adventure together.

Hiking is in your dog’s genes, and it will love to climb through the terrains and get all tired racing you to the top. This will also allow your dog to stretch its muscles and boost stamina.

Do remember to carry enough water for both of you guys. Of course, you don’t want to end up being Frodo and Sam all dry and thirsty while you are close to Mount Doom.

Try the Classic Walks

One of the critical advantages of training your large dog is that it also helps you get some cardio and boost your stamina. You can walk and jog a bit while you take your dog to the nearby park.

You can also run through the sand, dry leaves, or swallow water. Jump over the low park benches or any other kind of obstacle with your dog following you.

When it comes to jumping, if your dog is less than a year old, make sure that the obstacles you are crossing are low in height. The last thing you would want is seeing your pet dog getting hurt while it tries to imitate your moves.

Try the Dogstacle Course

At first, you can place a few fitness steps in the backyard. You can also use some household objects for the same purpose instead of the fitness steps.

Once you reach a step, you can give a few pushups or squats.
While you continue to move from one step to the next, doing the predetermined workouts, your dog will also continue to progress.

It is an excellent way to allow your large breed dog to shake up its muscles and remain all active.

Attend the Outdoor Activities

Many communities organize different types of outdoor activities like 5k runs, public pool swimming, and fetching.

You should attend such events now and then with your dog. This will allow your big dog to socialize with other pet dogs from the neighbourhood.

At the same time, you’ll get a chance to socialize too. Dogs love to play together. So grab this opportunity to keep your pet active.


Always remember, an active dog is a healthy dog. So pay enough attention to ensure that your dog is getting the scope to remain physically active.

Please take it to the dog park regularly and in other outdoor community events.
You can also take it closer to mother nature the next time you go for a hike. If you’re too lazy to go outside, then try the red dot rally by using a laser light or Dogstacle.

Having a large dog is no easy feat. You have to give it enough time to make sure that it is healthy and active. So try the exercises I have explained above.

Besides these exercises, you should also make sure that your pet is getting the right dog food that contains all the essential nutrients. This is vital to ensure your large breed puppy’s steady growth.

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