We can’t all be at home 247 because of our dogs; most of us work to make a living or have other commitments outside the house. If you’re lucky enough to take your Jack Russell terrier with you, this is perfect, but many of us want a dog or have a dog but are worried about leaving them at home. If you are wondering if you can leave them alone and for how long?.

Here I can explain and help you decide what can work best for you and your Jack Russell terrier. I have had five Jack Russell terriers, and I was working full-time. I can give you some ideas on ways to help ease the concerns that you may have.

Jack Russell terriers can be left at home without any problems; depending on your dog’s age and health, the number of hours you can leave them can vary between puppies and adult Jack Russell terriers. There are many ways you can ease the alone time or break up the day for your dog.

Check out some of my ideas below, and they should help ease the alone time.

It is inevitable that you will have to leave your Jack Russell terrier home alone to go shopping, to the pub, see family, friends and, the biggest of all, to work. It would be best if you worked out how much time you can leave your Jack Russell terrier. It’s nothing worse than coming into a sad dog or a dog that has angered your neighbours for continuous barking. Some dogs even chew the furniture out of boredom or frustration. And let’s not forget that nature will call, and your Jack Russell terrier will need to go potty at some point.

Jack Russell dog in a dog bed
Pippy is in his bed just before I go to work.

First, you need to work out how many hours you can leave your dog home alone. The table below should help you achieve this.

How long can Jack Russell terriers be left home alone?

Depending on age and health of the Jack Russell, the time amount will vary from one hour to six hours.

AgeTimeAdditional Information
Puppy1-2 hours a dayPuppies have smaller bladders and will need to go toilet more often.
Adult Dog4-6 hours a dayThey usually sleep when you are not at home during this time.
Elderly Dog2-6 hours a dayDepending on their health, they may need a lesser time if they have an illness such as bladder problems, so you will also reduce the amount further that you can leave them.
Recommended time home alone for a Jack Russell terrier

The above is a guide; keep in mind some Jack Russell terriers can go a bit longer, and some can’t go as long. You will need to understand your dog to find its limitations.

A Dog Left Home Alone For Too Long

  • Scratching
  • Sad and depressed
  • Biting themselves
  • Chewing on furniture and furnishings
  • Howling and barking
  • Toileting

Most working days are 8hrs plus travel time getting to work, so if that is the case, don’t worry, there are other options for you and your dog.

Consider Getting Additional Help

Hiring A Dog Walker

You can consider getting a dog walker and searching for trusted locals in your area. A dog walker will collect your dog and take them for a walk, then drop them back home. It’s costly, but you can go to work without worrying about your dog.

Hiring A Pop-in Service Dog Professional

If you don’t feel comfortable letting someone else take your dog out for a walk, you can hire a trusted dog person to pop into your home and visit your Jack Russell terrier. A dog professional can go to your house at a set time, let them out for the toilet, have a little playtime with them, and then be on their way. Please be aware pop-in visits are also a costly service. 

Ask A Neighbour Or Family Member To Check In On Your Dog

If you don’t have the money to hire dog professionals to walk them or pop into your dog, your other option is to ask family members and see if they would be so kind as to pop into it. Another option is asking neighbours since they are nearby. It wouldn’t take much to nip from their house to your house if you can trust them, and they might even appreciate seeing a dog for some playtime. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Head Back Home On Your Lunch Break

Another option I used to do was nip back home on my lunch break. Since I worked a 10-minute bike ride away from my house, I had an hour’s lunch break. You could speak with your manager and see if they can arrange for you to take your break in one go so you can care for your dog. It doesn’t hurt to ask! I was able to spend 30 minutes each day when I was doing an 8hr shift. I even got a little bit more exercise a day.

Doggy Daycare

Putting your Jack Russell terrier into daycare is the most expensive option of all. However, you know they will be looked after and bounce with joy meeting other dogs and having lots of playtimes. It’s defiantly the best option but a costly one.

Provide Mental Stimulation

Jack Russell with a dog toy in his mouth
Please provide them with toys when you leave the house.

When your dog is at home, please provide them with toys and chews; this can help keep them entertained longer whilst you are out of the house. We all know that Jack Russell terrier love their toys. Another great tip is to provide them with specific home-alone toys. This will stop your dog from getting bored of their toys’ regular toys that they may use. The toys I have chosen below are from Amazon, and they are safe and perfect for Jack Russell terriers when home alone.

Top 3 Jack Russell Terrier Home Alone Toys

1. Suction Treat Cup Dog Toy

Suction Treat Cup and Jack Russell dog sitting down
Suction Treat Cup

2. AnNido Squeaky Dog Toys Indestructible

Rope toy and a dog
Rope Toy

3. AWOOF Dog Puzzle Toys

A play mat green and brown for dogs

Can Jack Russell terrier suffer from separation anxiety? 

Yes, Jack Russell terriers can suffer from separation anxiety, and since they are a breed that loves being around their owners and are very loyal to their owners, they tend to have it more commonly than other dogs.

Separation Anxiety Check

If your Jack Russell terrier has been used to having someone at home all day, you should complete the separation anxiety test before you start on the full-time hours. Jack Russell terriers love being around their owners, so checking that they won’t suffer from separation anxiety before it’s too late would be a good idea. Read here on ways to spot, help and stop dog separation anxiety.

Where should you leave a Jack Russell Terrier when you go to work?

There are many options that you have. When I had Jack Russell terrier puppies, they were in a playpen when I went to work. I also made excellent use of the Amazon Echo Show camera function. I would point it to the playpen, do drop-ins from my mobile and check on my Jack Russells. When they were older, they had the house run; I could trust them and be well trained. However, it’s up to you where you should leave your Jack Russell; it also depends on the dog. 

These are your options:

  • The whole house – Only if your Jack Russell terrier is well trained
  • Your dog to be confined to one room – choose this option if your Jack Russell terrier is slightly trained but needs more training.
  • Dog crate – This option will need additional help as being confined to a cage for 6 hours is a very long time.
  • A playpen is a good option as they have more room to move about and, if not yet, fully trained. Using a playpen for puppies is a good idea, as you can also lay down puppy pads.

Whether you want to put them in a cage or let them have the run of the house, it’s entirely up to you. All of the options above are fine. It would help if you found out which one is best suited to you and your Jack Russell terrier. But please be warned if you opt for the crate, the time you can leave your dog will be drastically reduced. So, you will defiantly need to consider the extra options above. 

Perhaps you will have a playpen or confine your Jack Russell terrier to one room in the house. These are all fine. Always provide them with toys. I kept specific toys for when I was out of the house, so they didn’t get bored with them. Having tough toys and toys that are interesting is also a great idea. 

Before You Leave Your Dog Home Alone

Make sure they have been fed and you have left freshwater out for them. You will also need to take your dog on a walk to burn off some energy and have the chance to go to the toilet. This will help your Jack Russell terrier settle down and be much happier and relaxed when left on their own.

When You Arrive Back From Work

dog in the garden
Let your JRT in the garden as soon as you arrive back.

Check for any problems that may occur since you have been out of the house and take them straight into the garden. If you live in an apartment, take them out for a walk. This will make them feel much better and forget about any boring time they might have had.

If You Have Been Out Longer Than Expected

We all know this is possible, and the main problem is that your dog would have wanted to go to the toilet. If they have gone to the toilet in the house, please do not tell them off. Telling them off, this will only make it worse. They aren’t meant to hold their toilet for so long, and also, many trained dogs will be troubled by having no choice but to go. Just carry on with the usual routine of taking them out for a walk or in the garden.

The Camera Can Help Ease Your Anxiety

There are also many specific cameras to get on the market, but I already had the Amazon Echo Show and found another great purpose. As mentioned above, I used Amazon Echo Show to spy on my Jack Russell terriers and check if everything was okay. This helped me so much with my anxiety as I was anxious about leaving them because, after all, we love our dogs like our own children. Ps, you can talk to them through it also, but I never did as I think it would confuse them and excite them, so my advice is only to use it to look at them and don’t engage.

Recommended Read: Are Jack Russell Terriers Good With Kids?

This is the most up-to-date Echo show, and now you can turn the camera remotely and look around, perfect if your dog likes to move about the house.

Echo Show with a camera showing a dog in the image
Echo Show, PTZ
Dog treat dispenser, showing a JRT on cam
SKYMEE Dog Camera Treat Dispenser


We know that, yes, Jack Russell terriers can stay at home alone. However, a few details to consider and additional planning involved. Don’t let this put you off getting a dog or getting out of the house and doing what you need to do. If we all thought like that, no one would have any dogs, so by finding the best solution with the help from the above, and you could have a long and happy relationship with a Jack Russell terrier as a pet.

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Do you have any tips? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can add them to the above; this way. We are helping each other and all the lovely Jack Russell terriers out there with us, sharing our tips.

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