Perhaps you have a Pug and your thinking of getting a cat, or vice versa you have a cat or cats and your considering of introducing a Pug into the family. Whichever it is the below can explain if Pugs get along with cats, and also the possible problems that could arise. I grew up with seven cats when I was younger, so I know how they behaved towards dogs and in particular Pugs. The excellent news is Pugs are okay with cats, and it’s mainly the other way round you need to be a bit more concerned over. Although nothing is ever impossible, I can explain some useful techniques to handle any problems that could happen. Let me explain.

Yes, Pug’s get along with cats just fine, more so than any other breed of dog. Pugs dont see a cat as a threat, or as an object to chase. The majority of dogs are from a hunting background; however, the Pug is not. They have no desire to attack or chase a cat. This is excellent news, but there is some cause for concern with how cats can react towards Pugs.

Do cats like pugs?

Cats dont exactly dislike pugs, and they are generally not scared of them as much as other dog breeds, this could be because of there size and docile temperament. A cat won’t feel as intimidated by a pug than say a larger dog like a hyper Cocker Spaniel. Cat’s will, however, lash out if a pug is trying to play with them. Pugs are playful little souls, while cats are also playful, and love their, space, catnip and climbing frames, they usually dont play with dogs, like dogs play with dogs, or cats play with cats. Cats will lash out at a pug, and we all know that pugs have those lovely beautiful big eyes, a cat can easily claw at them and scratch their eyes. This sounds terrible, but it’s a big possibility that I feel you need to be made aware of. It’s a common problem between pugs and cats, and so you will need to be mindful of this when you introduce the two.

Black Pug and a grey cat looking at the camera together
We both can get along okay.

Cats aren’t all the same

All of my seven cats were different and responded differently to dog’s, some didn’t care, some would runoff, and other’s looked to jump to the highest point to getaway. But generally speaking, they all got along, and we lived as a happy family.

Learn more about the Pug breed and their history it will give you a good insight into their background, and you will learn that Pug’s where never bred for hunting, this makes them perfect for mixing with other animals like cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. They have zero prey instinct!.

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My advice on how to settle in Pugs and Cats together

Give them space

When its time to introduce a pug to a cat, or a cat to a pug. You need to make sure that your cat or cats have space to move away if required, dont introduce them together in a small room. You could first maybe have your dog on the leash while they meet. This means you’re in full control incase the Pug decides to get that little bit to close for comfort.

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When introducing a Pug and a cat, make sure you’re not favouring one over the other, jealously can be a downfall when trying to present two different animals together.

Control the Pug

Make sure that you have had some training with your Pug, using the standard phrases will help your Pug understand if he or she is getting to close to the cat, you can use the “Leave it” command this will work well when trying to give a bit of direction to your Pug. However, with a cat, it’s not so easy to train; they generally don’t respond to commands. It is best if you focus on teaching your dog.

Playtime with your Pug

If your introducing a puppy and training has not yet sunk in, make sure that your puppy has had plenty of playtime interaction with you that you can control, rather than them wanting to play with the cat. There are also plenty of toys and dog puzzles to keep them entertained.

Supervise your Pug and cat

At first, you will need to supervise every meeting between them, and eventually, when they have settled in together, they should both know their boundaries and get along just fine.

Dealing with a stressed-out cat

Dealing with an unhappy cat is simple, plenty more smooths when and where you can, extra treats and some one on one time should resolve most unhappy cats. If you feel its more than just being down, you can also get some veterinary help, and they may suggest some temporary calming medicine whilst your cat is adjusting to life with a pug. This will help your cat keep his or her stress levels down.

Feeding time

Food to cats and dogs is very important them, and it doesn’t matter how old they are or what type of breed they are, they all love their food. Cat’s and pugs will protect it at all costs if and when necessary, so it would be best if you fed them in their separate bowls and away from each other will help, you will need to supervise meal times, in the beginning, to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Pugs will get along with cats just fine; however, cats may not accommodate a pug. In time, cat’s and Pug’s together should be okay. Things to watch out for is at mealtimes and when they are in an enclosed space together. Be aware of your Pug getting too close at first to the cat. It’s a common incident that cats lash out at pugs and scratch their eyes. But other than that, pugs and cats get along just fine, and you shouldn’t have any long term problems.

Good luck!

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