No, papillon dogs don’t shed a lot. They usually only shed moderately. Dog shedding is a common occurrence in their lives, and each dog will happen differently. Some papillons might expect moderate shedding, while light shedding might be more common.

Shedding is a normal process not just for papillon dog breeds but all dog breeds with fur. It helps to get rid of the old and dead hairs on the body. So, if you plan to get any dog as your pet, you should get ready to deal with their hair shedding, light or excessive amounts.

As a dog parent, you should know that the amount of shedding depends on certain factors. They are the dog’s breed, health, diet, and climate. The coat type will depend on the dog’s breed, determining the amount of shedding.

Papillons have long, silky, flowing coats. Hence, they shed very little. Also, the silky soft fur is effortless to maintain and groom. As a pet parent, if you want to keep your home hair-free, you must make it a point to brush the coat of a papillon once or twice a week with a metal comb.

The Papillon dog breed has a single coat, which means they shed less than double-coated dogs. Double coated dogs like the husky or border collie have two layers of fur, so they lose and gain more fur during the seasons.

The following are common dog breeds, categorised by coat type:

Single Coated Dog Breeds:

Double Coated Dog Breeds:

It would be best if you never shaved the coat of a double-layered dogs, just like the husky dog breed, because their coat is the first line of defence against parasites, insects, dirt, and solar rays. It also helps with their cooling process; removing this barrier will put your dog at risk.

Shedding Season of a Papillon

It’s normal for Papillons to shed during seasonal changes. They tend to shed twice a year during the spring and the autumn. In fact, during their shedding season, Papillon shed hair at a higher rate than usual to regulate their body temperature.

A thin coat can keep their body cool throughout the summer season. During the spring season, the coat becomes thinner than in the winter. Similarly, Papillons shed their hair during the autumn season, only to make way for new hair growth that would be thicker compared to the earlier one. The coat that grows after the autumn season would help the Papillon keep its body warm throughout winter.

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Hair Growth Cycle Is Important

It’s essential to learn the hair growth cycle of Papillons to understand the shedding process. Every dog breed goes through losing dead hair and growing new hair.

The shedding of dead hair might occur for several reasons, like the life of the hair coming to an end or seasonal change. Papillons shed moderately during the spring and slightly more during the autumn because of the temperature change. Dogs have a better sense of understanding of temperature and seasons. 

Papillon dogs come with a single coat that acts as guard hair. Therefore, the papillons have a long hair life cycle with little shedding.

The shedding of a Papillon is almost the same as other dogs like Maltese. 

Can The Shedding Get Excessive?

Papillons generally shed a moderate amount but can shed more if not appropriately groomed. It is usual to lose their dead hair during the shedding period. Brushing their coat often will minimise the amount of hair they lose in one go.

Why is my Papillon shedding so much?

If you are a Papillon owner and are concerned about the shedding amount, you must know that certain factors are responsible for Papillon shedding. Let’s take a closer look into these factors.

Factors That Cause a Papillon to Shed


The diet of the Papillon plays a vital role in determining their shedding. If you feed your dog a good quality diet and groom it correctly, your dog won’t shed excessively. On the other hand, a poor diet can lead to excessive moulting and other skin conditions. Problems in the skin and fur can be because the immune system is down due to not getting enough nutrition from a good diet. 

When the immune system is overworked due to insufficient goodness, it cannot fight infections, illnesses or diseases.

Did you know that many skin conditions and excessive moulting are down to a dog’s poor diet? 


Other skin conditions also can affect the shedding of a Papillon dog. Dairy, flea, wheat, or gluten sensitivity can result in excessive shedding. 

Alopecia in dogs can also result in excessive shedding.

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Genetic Illness

Illnesses passed on by their Papillion dog parents can also cause shedding in these dogs.

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Your dog’s age also plays a significant role in the amount it sheds. In senior dogs, the coat will become less healthy than in younger dogs resulting in more shedding and break-offs. You will also notice more shedding of an older dog’s fur in one place.

Papillion Dog Parent Help

If you have a Papillion dog with a lot of shedding of fur, long term or short term, it’s crucial to get help mainly since these dogs should not shed much.

Consulting a vet and a canine nutrition specialist in your area is vital to know the exact reason behind the excessive shedding. Don’t just accept the fact they are shedding more.

The vet might suggest blood tests to pinpoint the problem and offer the right solution. A canine nutritionist can check your dog’s diet and make changes where needed.

Shedding Of Papillon Puppies

The Papillon puppies are born with a baby coat. The coat is suitable for them while they are small, but as they grow up, their fur changes. When a Papillon puppy reaches 7 or 8 months, it starts to shed its baby coat. So, a moderate level of moulting can be seen during this period.

Once the baby coat disappears, the adult coat starts appearing. As a pet owner, you need to be very patient as the hair growth won’t be very quick and will take some time. When the Papillon reaches around 18 months, it will shed its coat again and finally get the look of the adult coat.

Here, you should remember that some dogs might shed their baby coat much earlier or shed it only after 12 months. So as a pet owner, you should be prepared for anything.

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Tips For Controlling the Shedding

Although shedding is a normal process, and if your dog is healthy, there are specific measures that you can do to reduce the amount of shedding in dogs.


Proper grooming can make a tremendous difference. Brushing helps eliminate the dead hair, and the skin’s natural oil gets appropriately distributed. So make it a point to brush their coat daily to keep shedding at a minimum. One should always brush in the direction of the hair growth, never against it.


Occasional bathing is recommended for Papillons. However, bathing them with a good quality pet shampoo is essential. Once they have taken their bath, it’s vital to dry their fur completely.

Final Words

I hope the above has answered your question and helped if you have a Papilion and wonder why they are excessively shedding when they shouldn’t be. 

Good Luck! 

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