Are you thinking of getting a Poodle and wondering if a Poodle is a perfect fit for you and your family? Let’s help you decide! 

Before bringing a Poodle into your family home, you should understand its temperament and personality. You should also check out the history of the Poodle Breed here.

Poodle Temperament and Personality

Temperament and Personality

The character of abe careful Poodle is alert, intellective and trainable. Poodles are intelligent dogs. They need adequate mental stimulation. Poodles need to be trained to a high level and thrive from their owner’s leadership. They are loyal dogs but can often be shy around strangers. Poodles aren’t naturally aggressive, and they bond quickly with their owners.

Poodle size

There are three different sizes: the Poodle breed, Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle.

Each different size of Poodle has a very slightly different personality. 

  • Standard Poodle: plenty of energy at times and is slightly chilled.
  • Miniature Poodle: active with lots of energy, chilled and mischievous at times
  • Toy Poodle: can be a little naughty and cheeky, along with the energy like the miniature Poodle.

It would be best to show all three-sized Poodle that you control using a firm but not too much of an aggressive tone. Poodles are susceptible to getting upset, only damaging them if you shout or use force. The firm but fair approach is best, and they will pay more attention and learn from you when you display this type of training to them. Poodles are so intelligent they can pick up on any mood from their owners. They feel somewhat sad when you are and can show happiness. It is essential to have a Poodle in a stable and happy family atmosphere.

Poodles and Children

Poodles make perfect pets if you have young children; they are gentle, active, and not aggressive. However, all dogs should be supervised by young children. The standard Poodle and miniature would be the best size fit for smaller children due to the Toys being so tiny could potentially be dangerous for them.

Poodles are demanding

Poodles demand plenty of exercise, love and their owners one on one time. If you have a busy life, a Poodle isn’t for you. Poodles aren’t keen on being left alone for long periods; they can become destructive and anxious.

They are the princesses and princes of the dog world.

Working Poodles

Poodle’s intelligence to read people’s emotions gives them an advantage over other dogs in using human therapy. The breed is perfect for visiting schools, hospitals and nursing homes. Being extremely friendly and loving, that’s if they can overcome their shyness.

Do Poodles get along with other household pets?

Poodles can integrate with other pets within a household with no problems. They may seem shy at first but then become best friends and thrive in large, active homes. However, many factors potentially can cause it not to work. It can depend on the other animals in the household or how they have been integrated initially. Try researching the integration of animals if you can, as this can help no end to get a better understanding of doing it the right way.

Mental and phsyical stimuation

Since they are so intelligent, you must provide your Poodle with various challenging toys and activities. A bored Poodle can be moody, sad and destructive. A standard size Poodle needs a walk once a day for an hour or two thirty-minute walks. The smaller Miniature and Toy sizes only need Thirty minutes a day, or you can split it into two fifteen minutes a day if you’d prefer.


Since Poodles love and thrive on their owner’s commands, they don’t need much encouragement other than simple commands, and they don’t do something just for a treat. They like to please their owners more than receiving a food treat or two. Compared to most dog breeds, a treat can be more potent than their owner’s praise. If training is completed correctly, you won’t have any problems training a Poodle.


Poodles love to learn. Poodles love tricks and commands, so don’t be shy not to try them out. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they pick up a trick.

Toilet training a Poodle

Even tho they are highly intelligent, a Poodle likes to mark their territory, so it’s essential for you first to get your Poodle Puppy to focus on toilet training. Once done correctly and patiently, they will never let you down and poop in places they shouldn’t.

Poodles Temperament outside

Since the Poodle breed comes from a retriever background, be careful whilst on their daily walks. They are highly alert and can potentially disappear chasing birds and other small animals. You need to target obedience training, keeping them calm whilst out in the open.


What do you think of the Poodle breed? Will they fit your family home? I hope I have given you enough insight into the species, and now you have a better understanding of their temperament and personality. If you’re lucky enough to welcome a Poodle into your home, you will get a forever loyal and intelligent best friend.

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