7 Reasons  Why A Dog Licks You

Most dog owners like to think that their pets are licking them to show affection. The truth is, there is more than one reason.

#1 You Taste Good

Food particles stick to our skin that dogs can taste. Also,  we secrete salt, which deposits on our skin. So your dog may start licking you to taste the salt on your skin.

#2 Grooming

Dog’s also clean themselves by licking their fur and skin. So your dog will lick you for the same reason as well.

#3 Medical Reasons

Dogs lick their wounds to heal themselves. Dog's saliva has healing powers of antimicrobial and antibacterial. A dog will try to lick your scraps and cuts to help you.

#4 Compulsion

Excessive licking may mean that your dog is scared, nervous, bored, or in pain. On the other hand, by licking objects or humans excessively, your dog may be trying to calm down.

#5 Communication

Dogs lick their owners to show that they are hungry and want food. They also do this as a sign of submission, loyalty, and friendship.

#6 Affection Most Common Reason

Dogs lick their human friends. Just like the puppies express their love to their mothers and vice versa by licking them.

#7 Investigation

Most dogs are curious by nature, and they often use their tongues to investigate their surroundings. So, when they lick you, they collect information about you.

There are numerous reasons why your dog might lick you. The licking behaviour changes from dog to dog. Some dogs love to lick their humans, others do not show affection this way.

Happy Dog Parenting!