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What Age Do Airedales Terriers Calm Down?

Airedale Terriers are some of the best companion dogs in the world. Also known as King of Terriers, the Airedale Terriers are medium to large dogs with lots of energy. Traditionally, these dogs were bred to hunt down otters, badges, and other rodents. That is what makes these dogs intelligent, independent, energetic and very focused. Even though these dogs were traditionally bred as working dogs, they are incredibly affectionate and considered great family dogs. It would help if you made sure that your Airedales Terriers get plenty of exercises to tone down their energy level. That generates the question, when do the Airedales Terriers start to calm down?

Airedales Terriers are a breed of dog that starts to come down when they reach two years old. When these dogs are 6-24 months, it can be challenging for owners regarding the mischievous behaviour and destructive tendencies they exhibit if not given enough exercise and training. It also helps never leaving your Airedale alone at home as this is where some destruction may occur out of boredom or loneliness.

Most dogs calm down from the age of 12-18 months. However, the Airedales Terrier takes a little longer, so it’s even more vital that they get the proper training from their owners. Airedales Terriers love to have fun, play and chase. Due to their intelligence, they can become bored. Let’s look at the importance of training an Airedales Terrier, along with some tips for new dog parents. Remember, dogs naughty behaviour is mostly not their fault. It’s always down to the dog parent rather than the dog. If you can understand the importance of the training, get the help you need to train. It will be a lot easier for you and your dog to enjoy your time together. 

Training Advice

During their puppyhood period, you need to train your dog correctly to teach them calmness and establish a proper leader-follower relationship. If you don’t give your dog adequate training from a puppy, the excessive energy and explosive behaviour can continue throughout its life.

There is no doubt that Airedales Terriers can be a handful for the owners. You need to give your dog a considerable amount of time and attention to keep them healthy and happy. From the early days, you have to create training schedules for your dog, and you also have to keep them engaged throughout the day using various physical and mental exercises.

However, if you can do all these, the Airedale Terriers can become excellent family dogs. Training from an early age will help the Airedale Terriers to become loyal and obedient. It will also help you to form the role of the alpha. Even though the Airedale Terriers are independent, they are very dedicated dogs with the proper training. Once that is achieved, you will gain a wonderful companion with is an excellent sense of humour.

Is it challenging to train an Airedales Terrier?

If you are getting thinking of getting an Airedale Terrier, you have to create a training schedule and socialisation sessions to create a balanced personality for these dogs. These intelligent dogs need to learn proper behaviour in a friendly manner. They also need to understand that they have to follow their owner’s direction no matter what. It is not challenging to train these intelligent dogs if you follow the proper procedure and routine. The Airedales Terriers quickly pick up the commands you give, and your body language will play an essential role in the training. It would help if you remembered that these dogs have many different personalities than other dog breeds, which can be challenging for inexperienced dog parents.


  • Active
  • Alert
  • Confident
  • Fearless
  • Friendly
  • Independent
  • Intelligent
  • Playful
  • Protective
  • Stoic
  • Strong herding abilities
  • Stubborn

Sense Stimulation

Airedales Terriers have an excellent sense of smell. As these dogs were primarily bred as hunting dogs, their noses play a powerful and essential role in their life. So, if you want to stimulate Airedales Terriers, you can devise tracking games or other scent-related activities to keep the training sessions exciting and exciting all along.

Training Obstacles

Airedales Terriers are independent, courageous, and loyal. All these features of their personality make these dogs attractive to their owners. However, all of these qualities can also create obstacles in their training. You cannot train an Airedales Terrier properly with the standard training method used for other dog breeds. Dog parents should make the training schedule of the Airedales Terriers separately depending on the dog’s personality and behaviouristic traits. If you apply the proper technique for training, you can overcome any training obstacles.


While dealing with the Airedales Terriers, you have to keep in mind that these dogs are independent and have a mind of their own. That is what makes these dogs challenging to handle for first-time dog owners.

While training these dogs, you will get to know how stubborn your dog is. There is no doubt that you will face moments of frustration, surprise, and disbelief while training your Airedales Terrier dog. However, if you can retain your patience and be consistent with the training session, you will complete their training successfully.

To properly train the Airedales Terriers, you need to think about their abilities and characteristics first. Once you do that, it would be far easier for you to find ways to help you offer proper training to your dog. Since they have so many different personalities, some will be stronger than others, making you adjust your training to suit the dog. For instance, a more stubborn dog will need patience, and as a dog owner, you need to understand when they are stubborn, not to push them into any reactive behaviour and lock heads.


Consistency is critical when it is it comes to training Airedales Terriers. You need to decide upon your role first before you try to train. Always remember that these dogs are intelligent and have watchful eyes. If you let your strictness and patients go for even a minute, they will notice that and try to reap its benefits.

The best way to train Airedales Terriers is to write down all the unacceptable behaviour first. It would be best if you never let this inappropriate behaviour go without giving some correction to your dog. Understand that there should not be any scope of consideration while training your Airedales Terriers. If you become even a bit inconsistent with the training schedule, your dog will think of it as a rule and will not follow your future instructions.


All in all, you need to understand these independent, headstrong, and free-spirited dogs first to train them properly. Know that Airedales Terriers can also learn from your behaviour. For example, if you keep your shoe rack open and the dog chews on your shoe, you should not punish it. During the training session, shouting or any other form of aggression will not be suitable for an Airedale Terrier. You can give your dog some time out or scold them calmly. 

If you are a new inexperienced dog parent of an Airedale Terrier and are struggling to complete the proper basic training commands, such as sit, stay, place, leave it or heel, you should take your dog once or twice a week for training sessions local to you. Most of the time, it’s the dog parents that need the training, not the dog.

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