Are Scented Candles Bad For Dogs?

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Lavender candles with lavender plants laying near by
Are scented candles bad for dogs?

There is hardly anyone who does not like to light a scented candle or two from time to time, especially around this time of year. With the nights drawing in, it’s a perfect time. However, while we enjoy the candles’ aroma, most of us tend to forget that it affects our dogs. If you are a dog parent, you have to think, are scented candles bad for dogs? If you are a dog parent, you should rethink the entire concept of buying a scented candle. Let’s discuss exactly how the scented candles affect the health of your pet canines.

Candles can be bad for your dog. It isn’t good if the candle is made with paraffin wax, lead wick, or synthetic oil. But if the candle were made with soy wax, coconut wax, or vegetable-based wax and had a 100% cotton wick that is unbleached, it would not be bad.

If you notice that your dog’s behaviour has changed after using the candles, you should start looking for alternatives. The candles that contain chemicals are harmful to your dogs, but they are detrimental to your health.

Although it’s good to know that some alternative candles are suitable for dogs, here is some research to find the candles that are safe for your dog.

Ingredients you should avoid at all costs.

Being a dog parent, you have to be extra careful about the ingredients of the scented candles you are buying. Avoiding these candles will help your pet and benefit your health. Here are some of the components you should avoid while purchasing scented candles.


Some candles use wicks with a metal core. Most of these wicks contain lead, affecting you and your pets’ central nervous system. If your dog is chomping at the jaw excessively, it might be a sign of lead-related health issues.

Paraffin Wax

Most of the candles in the market are made of paraffin wax. Theoretically, the paraffin wax is slightly toxic for your dog. If consumed, the paraffin wax will create digestive issues at the very least. In severe cases, it can lead your dog into a coma. Also, as the paraffin wax is made from petroleum waste, it releases carcinogens when burned.

Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde and Acrolein

A 2009 study has shown that burning candles release undesired chemicals into the air and pollutes our indoor air. Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde and Acrolein are some of the substances that the regular scented candles release into the atmosphere of your home. Please read the label carefully before buying the candle to ensure it does not contain chemicals.

Along with all the above chemicals, you should avoid all the candles containing artificial scents and colours. When the synthetic oil of such candles burns, they release carcinogenic particles into the air.

The Safe Alternatives

So, do you think you have got the answer to the question: are scented candles bad for dogs? If you believe you have, think again. Even though the regular scented candles are bad for your pets’ health and yours, too, there are some safe alternatives available in the market.

100% Beeswax candles are probably the best alternative to all synthetic candles. Beeswax is a natural component and is better for your health than any other type of wax available. As beeswax candles go through the lowest processing levels, it does not contain a bouquet of chemicals.

That’s not all! These candles clean your indoor air without releasing soot and chemicals.

Natural soy, coconut wax, or vegetable-based wax candles are other options that you can avoid. If you buy soy wax candles, make sure they are made of non-GMO soy products.

Also, while buying these candles, stick to the ones that have unbleached 100% cotton wicks. Also, the candles with paper and wood as wicks can be a great choice.

While these candles’ scents should contain natural essential oils, you should research their effects on the dogs before deciding. Electric candles or essential oil diffusers can be other options. But make sure to dilute the essential oil before diffusing it.

Cleaning tips to keep your home odour free

Let’s be honest here. If you are raising multiple pets in your home, you have to deal with different odours. While the candles can effectively clean the air from the smell, you can adopt other ways to make your home less smelly. Here are some cleaning methods to keep your home from smelling like dogs.

Use Vinegar And Water

Use vinegar and water to keep the counters, tiles and floor clean. It effectively cleans your home and does not leave any smell as well. Also, as the vinegar does not cost much, it is also a pocket-friendly option.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

You can mix a little hydrogen peroxide into your regular vinegar and water solution to eliminate the odour creating germs. This solution can remove the mud tracks that your dogs leave in your home.

Use Air Purifier

A purifier clears the allergens, mould, dust and odour and keeps your indoor air clean. The air purifiers can work wonders when keeping your indoor air free from any pet odour. There are many good air purifiers on the market. However, if you do get one, don’t use Vicks VaporRub or anything with toxic substances because your dog can breathe these in and irritate their airways.

Develop a cleaning routine

Developing a cleaning schedule can help you immensely if you want to keep the doggy smell out of your home. Try to wash the blankets of your dog every week. Hoover the floors and rugs every other day. Bathe your dog regularly. There is no doubt that it is heavy work, but this routine would stop your home from smelling like a kennel.

Candles that are safe for dogs

Vegan Bunny candles

These candles are super safe for your dogs and good for the environment. They are made from soy wax, and these candles are scented with lavender oil. Vegan Bunny candles are not harmful to your canine friend and are perfect for sending your dog to dreamland.

These candles’ wick is made of 100% pure cotton trim, which would help it burn for about 40 hours. These candles are free of acid and plastic and are made of 90% recycled materials. The candle is 100% recyclable.

Vegan Bunny Candle Labels
Safe Vegan Bunny Candles

See the full range of candles at The Vegan Kind Supermarket on Etsy.

HappyPaws Candle CO

The company owners created this brand after their cat got diagnosed with asthma. The incident helped them understand that the shop-bought candles with loads of chemicals are not safe for the dogs and the cats. So, they devised a candle that only contains natural ingredients, like cotton wicks and rapeseed wax. Each HappyPaws Candle CO candle contains 100% pure essential oils. That means only the extracted plant products are added to the wax. Also, the bonus part is that the company offers candles in eco-friendly packages.

Find the range on Etsy, and they also have a collection of wax melts.

Eco Mutt

Just like the other one, this company was created by its owner to make candles that do not harm their adorable Springer Spaniel. These soy wax candles are hand-poured and made from pure essential lavender oil. There are no chemicals no toxins in these candles, and they are safe for your dog. Candles of this company have a burn time of about 40 hours and are perfect for relaxing.


These mini travel candles come with a 100% cotton woven lead-free wick made of soy wax. These candles have a burn time of about 30 hours. They are available in four different aromatherapy fragrances, i.e. lavender, french vanilla, gardenia, and jasmine.

YMing candles are the perfect gift option for every occasion. All of these fragrances are safe for your beloved pets. You can use the colourful tin containers of the candles as home accessories later.

four soy wax candles, colourful packaging
Soy candles, safe for pets by YMing

Neom Organics

This company creates 100% natural candles that offer real aromatherapeutic benefits. The moment you open the candle box, the divine fragrance hits you immediately. The burn time of these candles is about 50 hours. That means you can relax for hours with these Neom candles by your side.

A candle and box by Neom Organics
Neom Organics Candle

See the full range of Neom Organic Candles located at Amazon.

Kiss the Moon Candles

These candles smell so good that a single whiff can help you relax. These candles contain high-grade cotton wicks and have about 50 hours of burn time made from soy wax. Kiss the Moon candles are available in roman chamomile, pure lavender and bergamot fragrances. All these 100% pure essential oil is not at all harmful to your canine buddy. These candles can help you and your pup to relax to no end.

Kiss the Moon Candle and box, text saying 50 hours burn time
Kiss the Moon Candles

See the full range of Kiss the Moon Candles located on Amazon

Wild Beautiful Free

Made from organic coconut wax, these candles work as a perfect alternative to regular beeswax and soy wax candles. 100% pure essential oils are used to make these candles, ensuring your dog’s safety. As if that was not enough, 10% of these candles’ proceeds go to the non-profits working for Lion, Elephant and Gorilla conservation.

Pet House Candles

These Pet House Candles are 100% natural soy wax and are super safe for your canine friends. The candle’s organic essential oils create a rich aroma that effectively removes unpleasant smells and makes your home feel super clean and fresh. This candle has an impressive 60 hour burn time.

A candle in a jar by Pet House Candles
Pet House Candles

See the full range of Pet House Candles located on Amazon

Mrs Meyers Candles

Mrs Meyers candles are safe for dogs since they are made from vegetable soy wax, making them a perfect choice for when you want to relax and light a candle around a dog. Your dog benefits from non-toxic fumes, but you also do.

Mrs Meyers Soy Candle
Mrs Meyers Soy Candles are safe for pets.

See the full range here on Amazon.

Candles that are safe for dogs but could be better


Are Yankee candles toxic to dogs? Yankee uses refined paraffin wax which is considered non-toxic when burning and does not emit enough harmful fumes for concern. Paraffin wax is added to thousands of cosmetic and medical products; however, this would be toxic if your dog has consumed the candle. Otherwise, keep enjoying the candle glow. Yankee candles are safe. Refined means it has a much lower percentage of oil in the wax. The more refined it is, the better. However, using refined paraffin wax it’s not as good as using soy, bees, coconut, or vegetable-based wax.


There is no doubt about our dogs; almost every one of us is ready to walk the extra mile. While scented candles are bad for dogs is the question that most people ask; you should not only concentrate on that. It’s all about choosing a less toxic path. If you choose the healthier alternatives, your dogs would be safe from any toxins and you.



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