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Can Dogs Eat Marmite?

Do you have a pet dog in your home? Do you share bits of food with your canine companion while eating? These days, cooking dishes at home and sharing human food with your dog has become customary, but you do need to understand the risks involved when sharing your food with a dog—the dogs, on the other hand, love to eat anything and everything you share with them. From nuts and fruits to peanut butter and jelly, your dog loves to have treats now and then. That being said, before you share a food item with your dog, always check whether the item is safe for your dog.

In this article, we will be trying to discover whether Marmite is healthy for dogs or not. Let’s find out.

Can Dogs eat Marmite?

No. Marmite is not a safe food for dogs. Even if you treat your dog with Marmite, do so very infrequently and in minimal amounts. While a tiny spoonful of Marmite will not make your dog sick, you should not feed your dog Marmite regularly.

Marmite contains high sodium levels, which is one of the elements that you should keep out of your dogs’ diet. Also, if you keep on treating your dogs with Marmite, they will develop a preference for it. It is better that you do not introduce this food item at all.

Keep dog’s healthy

Being a responsible dog owner, you should consider the type of food items that should be served to your dogs. You need to be very conscious of the foods that your pet consumes every day.

It will help you to stay ahead of the health issues of your dog and keep them healthy, relaxed, and happy. Now that we know the answer to the question can dog’s eat Marmite, it’s time for us to find out why it is not safe for dogs.

Marmite and dogs

Marmite contains many ingredients, like folate, Vitamin B, and yeast that are beneficial for humans. However, these elements are not suitable for your dog. The high levels of salt and sodium in Marmite are the primary reason. Of course, a small spoonful of Marmite would not cause serious illnesses, like blood toxicity or organ failure. However, the vets advise the owners not to introduce Marmite as a food item to the dogs at all.

Some studies showed that one teaspoonful of vegemite contains 165 milligrams of sodium. This amount of sodium and salt exceeds the daily intake level of a medium-sized dog.

Being a dog parent, you must remember that a spoonful of Marmite is not the only food item that provides salt to your dog. In a day, the dog will continue to get the doses of salt and sodium from their staple feed and other food items that they consume on a typical day. The salt from the spoonful of Marmite would only add to that.

What happens if a dog consumes too much salt or sodium?

Salt poured from a bowl
Salt is bad for dog’s

So, what will happen if your dog consumes too much salt in a single day? In minor cases, you will notice excessive thirst in your dog.

In more severe cases, the body cells of your canine companion will start to release water. It will create an imbalance, leading to seizures, headaches, shakings, and convulsions.

In most serious cases, excessive consumption of salt and sodium can lead to coma and death.

So, even though a small amount of highly salted Marmite will not harm your pet right away, it is best if you do not introduce the food item at all.

Why your dog should not eat marmite?

While answering the question can a dog eat Marmite, we have already said that it is not a safe option for your beloved pet. The adverse effect that Marmite has on your dog is the primary reason why you should not share Marmite with them.

As we have already pointed out, a small amount would not create any immediate toxic reactions in your dog. However, feeding Marmite to your dog regularly would lead to long-lasting adverse health issues in your pet.

We have already talked about how too much salt consumption can affect your dog immediately. But if you keep feeding your dog a small amount of Marmite regularly, it would result in high blood pressure. Over time, high blood pressure can result in kidney failure, strokes, heart disease and other health issues.

Before feeding Marmite to your dog, remember that the dogs are more sensitive to the higher salt levels in their diets than humans. So, if you want to keep your dog healthy and happy, don’t introduce this item.

Other salty foods to avoid

There are many different salty foods that you should not feed your dog. Among those food items, the following are where most people tend to feed their dogs.


Popcorn and text saying don't share popcorn with a dog
Don’t share popcorn with a dog.

While it is okay to offer a small amount of popcorn to your dog, you should not make it a habit. Also, never share buttered or salted popcorn with your dog. The salty and buttered popcorn will make your dog dehydrated and obese. On the other hand, unpopped kernels can damage the gums and teeth of your dog.


Cheese and text saying - DONT GET CHEESY WITH A DOG
Don’t share cheese with a dog.

In general, dairy is not suitable for your dog. People often treat their dogs with cheese while training them. However, you should be aware that cheese is high in lactose, fat and salt. Over treating your dog with cheese can cause constipation or diarrhoea. In the long run, it can lead to gastrointestinal problems and obesity.

Peanut Butter

A jar of peanut butter and test saying - dog's cant eat peanut butter
Dog’s can’t eat peanut butter

It is one of the popular treats that people use during dog training. However, most peanut butter contains high fat, sugar and salt. For this reason, you should try to avoid sharing this food item with your pet.


Twiglets and a Jack Russell Terrier
Don’t feed your dog Twiglets

Please don’t feed your dog twiglets because they contain high sodium levels and, in high doses, can be poisonous. The main ingredient that is most toxic is the high salt contents which can dehydrate your dog and cause organ failure. Please avoid sharing any twiglets with your dog.


All in all, Marmite is not the best treat you should offer to your dog. While a small spoonful would not harm, it is enough to disrupt their hydration level. Now that you have the answer to your question, can dogs eat Marmite? Try to find healthier food options to treat your dog and stay clear of the Marmite.

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