As a potential new owner of a Border Collie, this can be a make or break answer. But please do look beyond the shedding! 

Remember, most dogs do shed. There aren’t many dogs out there that don’t leave fur behind.

However, some dogs shed worse than others. Let’s find out if the Border Collies fall into this category.

Border Collie dogs shed their coats at the onset of spring and summer. During this time, the Border Collie dogs shed their coats heavily. That is why these dogs are considered unsuitable for people with dog allergies. You should think carefully before getting a Border Collie dog if you don’t like the sight of dog hair around the house. If you are not ready to maintain all the grooming requirements, then a Border Collie might not be the dog for you.

The Importance Of Their Coat

For centuries, Border Collie dogs are explicitly bred as sheepdogs. Breeders created these dogs to spend their whole day out in the environmental elements while running after flocks of sheep and other cattle. That is why breeders have specifically concentrated on developing a warm and insulating coat for this dog breed. Having this type of coat allows them to spend many hours out in the elements.

It may surprise you, but the coat of a border collie dog is also very suitable for making wool. However, the coat quality of the border collie dogs is a bit different from the fleece of the sheep.

Coat Types

You can find both rough and smooth varieties of coats in Border Collies. However, the bottom line is that Border Collies have a double coat, which acts as a weatherproof and waterproof element obstacle, much like a Husky coat. 

You do not have to care for the coat too much of the Border Collie to keep it healthy and shiny. 

The coat is very much robust and needs minimal grooming maintenance, other than essential bathing and brushing. However, hairs do often drop off, leading to excessive shedding at certain times of the year.


The topcoat of a Border Collie offers them protection against dirt, dust, insects, parasites and the sun rays. 


The undercoat is the most insulated part of the dog; it’s soft and tight together, perfect in the cold weather and wind. The undercoat in the winter traps the air in creating a mini heater. During the summer months, this is the leading reason for the extensive shedding. Now the weather is warmer, and they don’t need as much fur.

How often Should I brush a Border Collies coat?

It would be best if you brushed your border collie three times a week. Using a brush such as a shedding brush around the onset of spring and summer. Then throughout the year, a pin brush. A pin brush will remove the dirt and dust from the coat all year round. If you want to reduce the amount of fur falling off, you can use an undercoat rake. This type of brush will collect the dead hair before it falls off and spreads around the house.

  • Three times a week

Use These Brushes:

  1. During the oncoming spring and summer season, you should use a shedding brush.
  2. Throughout the year, you should use the pin brush, which would be your main brush. 
  3. If you see shedding more than usual while using an all year round pin brush, you should swap it once a week using an undercoat rake.

By using the three different brushes and dedicating the time, you will have a much lesser house covered in Border Collie fur. Along with the essential house chore of hoovering. It is well manageable.

A cute tri colour border collie on a white background
Tri Colour Border Collie Puppy

New Puppy Brushing Tips:

  1. If you get a Border Collie puppy, introduce them to the brushing as early as possible.
  2. Never push the brushing on them, or force them to keep still.
  3. Slowly build up their tolerance to the brushing.

The younger you start, the better you will feel about it in later life. Plus, most dogs learn to love a good brushing from their owner. It’s a time to have attention to them and some much-needed skin scratching.

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Can I shave a Border Collie?

No, never shave the fur off on a Border Collie as it will cause them health issues. The coat of a border Collie protects it from parasites, insects, dirt, and weather conditions and helps maintain body temperature. If you remove this barrier, your dog will be at risk.

Should I Choose A Different Breed?

If you can’t dedicate time to managing the Border Collies shedding, then maybe you should. However, most dogs do shed; it’s pretty standard. I wouldn’t decide on a type of dog breed based on its shedding amount. The amount of love and joy you get from a Border Collie outweighs this.

Deciding on a dog breed never should be dampened by the amount of fur they shed unless you or someone else in the household has allergies. Then perhaps a Poodle or a Havanese would be better suited as their coat doesn’t shed

Check this article to see if the Border Collie suits you in other ways, not through the amount of fur they shed.  

Final Words

We know that Border Collie shed thanks to their evolved fur coat. But never be put off by the shedding of fur for a type of dog breed. The amount of love and joy you get from a Border Collie certainly outweighs the shedding. If you can put the time into managing the fur of a Border Collie, you can have a fur-free house and a best friend for many years. 

I hope the above was helpful for you, and good luck!

Happy Maybe Border Collie Dog Parent!

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