Among all the dog breeds, Dobermanns has a horrible reputation as an aggressive or dangerous dog. But is this true? Let’s find out!

No, Dobermann dogs do not turn on their owners without provocation. Traditionally, Dobermann dogs were bred to protect their owners. That is why they are incredibly loving, loyal, and protective to their owners and family members. These dogs are intelligent and are not known for sudden bursts of aggression towards their handlers out of nowhere.

The Dobermann dog breed is naturally protective. Like other guard dogs, such as the German Shepherd. Dobermanns do not have any instincts that make them turn on their owners. Dobermann dogs tend to be more trustworthy and loyal to their owners than any other breed of dog.

How The Doberman Dog Became

Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann created the Dobermann dog in the 1870s. Karl was a tax collecter based in Germany who also run a dog pound. He wanted to achieve a dog that looked fierce to the eye, but inside was very loyal and loving to its owners. Karl used these dogs on his rounds to assist him whilst collecting taxes.

Characteristics That Prove This

There are a lot of psychological traits that speak highly of these guard dogs. Just check on the following characteristics to understand why Dobermann dogs are not prone to attacking their owners without provocation.


Dobermann dogs are known for their fierce loyalty to their owners. They tend to bond with the owner and their family members from the onset and show no sudden aggression towards them. Dobermanns choose one member of the family and bond with them more than other family members. They are known as the Alpha! However, these dogs are pack animals, and they protect the family as a unit.


Even though they are highly intimidating to look at, Dobermann dogs are very people-friendly. If you ever get to know a Dobermann up close, you will understand how people-friendly they are. While you talk to them, these dogs maintain constant eye contact with you and understand your emotions and languages as well. Dogs with such high communication qualities rarely showcase any aggressive issues towards their owners or family members.


Dobermann dogs are extremely intelligent breeds. Studies have shown that intelligent dog breeds do not have any problems controlling their impulses. These dogs tend to think about the situation before acting on it. The high level of intelligence also makes it easier for us to train these dogs and set proper boundaries.


Dobermann dogs were bred for personal protection by Karl, and love and affection as a big part of their personality. These dogs are often named velcro dogs as they love to stick to their owners all the time. Dogs with such love for their owners tend to protect them rather than harm them.


Dobermanns are highly protective of their pack. It considers the family of its owners as its own and protects it to the very end. However, Dobermanns can be aggressive towards a threatening stranger or intruder but are never aggressive towards their owner.


To prove this, see below many Dobermann owners with their beloved pets. The love that they show is amazing! You can find them on Twitter, follow or check them out, and you will get the loving Dobermann vibes.

Happy Dobermanns and their Owners

Dobermann Proud Owner
Dobermann Proud Owner

Myth Buster

One of the most common myths about the Dobermann dogs is that they can go crazy and turn on their owners, which is not valid. The myth consists that the Dobermann brains grow too big for their small skulls. I won’t go into any more detail as this is a complete myth, and there is zero evidence that I have found to support this.


In contrast, a dog may attack out. It is a possibility among all living and breathing animals! Just remember that all dogs are different and how they have been raised will have a vase impression on their actions. Show them, love, train and treat them well, and you can’t go wrong. If you adopt an adult Dobermann, ensure you know exactly where they have come from. If you are thinking of getting a Dobermann from an animal shelter, rest assured these places have vigorous behaviour tests that they go through with each dog before they get rehomed.

While the rumour that the Dobermann dogs attack their owners randomly without reason is a long-standing one, it is time for us to change that. Hopefully, the above section of this article has cleared all your doubt about the behaviour of a Dobermann and shown you that there is nothing to indicate that you should believe this myth. You can also get in touch with veterinarian professionals or breeders to get even more insight into this breed before welcoming a Dobermann dog into your family.

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