Dog’s have been considered one of the best companions of humans for a long time. Loving and friendly, a dog can quickly become a faithful member of your family. If you already have been blessed with a dog, then you most probably already know this. However, if you are yet to be a dog parent, you must have questions about them. Are all dogs suitable for your family? What about a Dobermann? Can Dobermans be a good family dog?

Yes, Dobermans can become a great family dog. These dogs are people-oriented and highly intelligent. Not only that, they are protective, loyal, and gentle. If you properly care for a Dobermann and socialise them early, they can become an excellent family pet.

While a Dobermann makes excellent family pets, you need to understand that the dog’s personality varies from one individual to the other. So before choosing a Dobermann puppy for your family, you should understand their personality and additional important information about them. The following section of this article will help you gather essential details about the Dobermann dog breed.


To understand whether a Dobermann can become a good family dog, you need to understand their temperament first. You may be in love with the Dobermann breed, but if you think that the following characteristics of the dogs do not suit your family unit, you should seek out dogs of a different breed.

Highly intelligent

Dobermans are one of the top 5 intelligent dog breeds. That is why they are easy to train the dog with various commands. However, you need your dog to practice those comments regularly. The best thing about this dog is that they don’t like to wander around. Once you give them the duty to guard your kids and your home, they will stick to it for their entire lives.

Highly protective

Their muscular and imposing look is enough for anyone to understand that Dobermanns are highly protective dogs. Once you form a bond with these dogs, they will guard your family throughout their life. Under threatening conditions, a Dobermann is always ready to give a fair fight. When a stranger comes into your house, Dobermann will be the first one to respond. They will bark to impose their authority on the intruder. This trait also makes them excellent guard dogs.


Dobermanns are typically self-confident dogs. In the face of danger, these dogs never back down. They instead always try to get their way. That is what makes them a bit headstrong and stubborn. But with patience and love, you can turn them into obedient canines.

Affectionate to their families

If you raise a Dobermann in a loving home, these dogs will be affectionate to you and your family. They love playing with their human companions. They also dont mind hugging and getting cosy on the couch. Even though they are not the cuddliest dogs, they understand the kids’ love and tolerate them. However, you need to understand and respect their boundaries first.


If you are trying to find a dog that will stand by you for the rest of its life, then Dobermanns are perfect for you. These dogs strongly bond with the family members. However, they often choose their favourite human from the household and try to stick to them. Having that alpha person is what the Dobermanns need.

A Dobermann will always respond best if the owner exhibits assertive body language and strong voice commands.

Activity level

Dobermanns are active dogs. They required regular exercise to remain healthy and happy. So, before you adopt a Dobermann, you need to consider your lifestyle and check whether you can give these dogs plenty of daily exercise. If you cannot squeeze out enough time from your busy schedule to keep your Dobermann engaged, you should choose another dog breed.

Dobermanns need regular exercise to remain healthy and happy

Dobermanns in a Family Unit

All in all, Dobermanns are very well-rounded dogs if they get adequately socialised from the very beginning. These intelligent dogs can adapt to any situation and can be in tune with any people. 

Dobermans are most certainly pack animals and love the feeling of becoming a member of a family unit or group, much like the Siberian Huskies. If you decide to get a Dobermann, you will find out how fast these dogs will bond with your family and love the attention.

This intense love and loyalty to the human family members allow these dogs to walk independently without any leash. Of course, this behaviour depends on the dog’s training and the environment around them. 

If your Dobermann is appropriately trained, they will not leave your side even if you do not put your dog on a leash. If the dog is socialised from a very young age, it tends to be great with kids and other animals. Their love for the family members and the protective streak make these dogs great loyal companions.

Child Friendly

Dobermanns often build a strong relationship with kids if they are raised with them from an early age. These dogs are surprisingly gentle and tolerant with kids. The loving nature of the dog helps to appreciate the affection of the kids. Endless petting, cuddling and kisses that they get from them make a Dobermann even more attached to them. 

It would help if you kept an eye on your kids while interacting with Dobermann, just like any other dog. You also need to train Your kids about the proper ways to handle a dog.

Early Socialisation

To make sure the bond of the Dobermann forms with kids or other pets, you need to understand that early socialisation is key to all of that. As a young puppy, Dobermanns showcase an inquisitive nature. During this time, you should introduce them to as many people, situations, and animals as possible. Presenting them as much as possible will help the Dobermann puppy to become a well-rounded adult. Puppy school would be the perfect place to start this.


The Dobermann is a highly intelligent and protective dog that knows no bounds when defending its family, friends, or property. If you think a Dobermann is right for you and your family, you should not hesitate about it.

If you still haven’t made up your mind about this breed, read here about the Dobermann and gather even more details on them before making your move.

Please remember you have to make sure that your Dobermann is appropriately socialised and has proper training from an early stage; this is the most crucial key to success. It is the only way to make the curious and cute Dobermann puppies into gentle, loving family members.

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