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Do Pomeranians Bark a Lot?

Have you ever heard about the term barking problem? Even though barking is a natural process for a dog, it becomes a problem if your pet keeps on barking continuously. If you are a dog owner, you must have considered how you could tackle the incessant barkings of your dog.

Yes, barking can be a problem when it comes to Pomeranian dogs. Due to being alert and social with their human companions. Some Pomeranians do bark a lot. However, how much your Pomeranian dog barks depends on its personality. Barking is a way of communication for the Pomeranian, so understanding why they bark would resolve excessive barking.

Why Pomeranians Bark

Pomeranian bark, also known as Pomeranian yapping, is famous among dog parents chatter of these breeds. But the truth is, Pomeranians bark for many reasons that we must understand to tackle the issue. Some of the primary reasons are boredom, attention-seeking behaviour, being alert and reacting to distant sounds, also an inherited desire to protect their human companions.


Compared to the other dog species, Pomeranians are pretty vocal due to their personalities. So there is no doubt that they will be barking from time to time. However, there is more depth to their bark than the one-off expectation.

Pomeranians are exceptionally social, vocal, and intelligent dogs. They are full of energy and want to get attention and love from people around them. They always like to stay at the focal point of your attention.

They Crave Love

Pomeranians like the love from their human companions, and that if they feel that they are not getting the attention, they can become vocal about it. While it can be annoying to the owners of these dogs, they are trying to communicate through barking.

Pomeranian dogs want to reach their voice to you so that you can understand their message. So, whenever your dog starts to bark, try to find out the reason behind it without getting annoyed. Once you learn to understand what your Pomeranian might be saying, you will better deal with this barking behaviour. 

Training From An Early Age Is Vital

Pomeranian barking can become a problem if you do not try to curb it from the very beginning. Without constancy, in your training, it can come to a bigger problem when they get older. While all the dogs use barking as their communication channel, some Pomeranians tend to bark more than the others due to failed training and understanding. 

The Pomeranian puppies bark; although it’s not annoying at this age and can be seen as cute and fun, an owner should address it! 

With proper training and your attention and love, you can control this constant yapping and keep some peace at your home.

Start Training When They Are Puppies

Common Barking Reasons

  • Pomeranian dogs want always to make their owners aware that something is happening around them through their loud and sharp barks. With the incessant barking, they may be trying to make the owners aware of intruders entering the property. Or at least they think they might be intruders. It’s called the watchdog syndrome. Even though Pomeranians are small dogs, their ancestors are German Spitz Watch Dogs. That means keeping an eye on the intruders is intricately woven into their DNA. By barking, in this case, the Pomeranian wants you to be aware of the intruder and nothing more. It only shows that he is behaving like a good watchdog.
  • The Pomeranian dogs may also start barking if they are happy, sad, or trying to respond to other animals.
  • A Pomeranian dog will bark from visits from an unknown person.
  • Even though it may seem a bit unlikely, dogs can get a bit afraid of almost anything. In this case, the personality of the dog and the mental state matters a lot. Your Pomeranian can start to bark if you leave them alone in a car for a long time. Other than that, sudden loud sounds, aggressive behaviour, restriction, and exposure to strange new objects can generate fear and paranoia among these dogs.
  • Pomeranian dogs can bark to the thin air, or at least that’s what we think they are doing. While you may feel that your dog is barking without reason, they respond to the sounds you cannot hear. 

Keep Calm 

Even if you are annoyed with the barking situation, shouting does not help. It often makes things even worse. Instead of that, you need to try to find the distance point and remove it as soon as possible to reduce the anxiety level of your Pomeranian dog.

Your dog may also start working in response to distant sounds. Even if you have kept all your doors and windows closed, your Pomeranian dog can still hear various surrounding sounds. Just because you do not hear them, it does not mean your dog cannot hear them too. So, instead of getting irritated with your Pomeranian, you need to be patient about it and keep a calm demeanour.

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Final Thoughts

Pomeranians are intelligent and loving dogs. So, instead of judging them or their yapping, you should try to understand their message. The more you try to be patient and understanding with your dog, the easier it would be for you to communicate with your pet better. But, if you think that your Pomeranian dog is barking more than they usually do, you should get in touch with your vet as soon as possible.

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