Are you considering opening your home to a furry friend like the Siberian Husky? There is no doubt that dogs are one of the most loving, energetic, and compassionate friends you can have in your home. Your dog can be a protector, an entertainer, and even a teacher. However, people often worry about the little things about the dogs, especially if they are thinking of bringing a breed like the Siberian husky into the home. Along with health issues and shedding, barking is often a factor that makes people change their decision about dogs. There is hardly anything worse than a dog that barks continuously for no apparent reason.

It is one of the factors which makes Siberian huskies different from the rest of the breeds. While these dogs can bark, you will hardly hear them do so. It is sporadic for a dog of this breed to have a barking-related issue. They sometimes bark to invite you to play with them. But other than that, they bark very rarely.

Barking, for the canines, is a territorial call. The Huskies are not that territorial. It is what makes huskies one of the most pathetic guard dogs. These dogs do not bark at strangers. But that does not mean huskies love to stay silent. On the contrary, they are one of the most talkative dogs that love to howl, woo, and bay to communicate with their human companions and with each other.

As you continue reading, you will understand the factors, like why the huskies don’t bark that often and the situations when they bark. The following section will also provide you with a fair idea about what it means when a husky barks a lot. So, keep on reading to familiarise yourself with the barking habits of your husky.

Why do Huskies not bark that often?

Barking for the dogs is a way of communicating with each other. It is equivalent to talking. Dogs of different breeds also bark for various reasons. While some dogs bark to convey messages related to territory issues, others bark to show affection to their human companions or to welcome them.
While answering your question, do Siberian Huskies bark a lot? We have already said that these dogs are not that territorial. That’s why they rarely bark at a stranger or intruder. When showing affection part, huskies will probably run to you like crazy to show their love. But mostly, they will not bark.
Even when they are distressed, the huskies will start whining and howling instead of barking. Huskies use howling and whining to communicate with you.

The intricate relationship between barking and the history of Huskies

The ancestors of the huskies were bred by Chukchi, a nomadic tribe of several thousand years long histories. The ancestors of the huskies of today were trained to help the people of the tribe in hunting and pulling long-distance loads in extreme cold. The people of the tribe respected and loved their dogs and treated them very well.

Now the question is, how the history of the huskies is related to their barking behaviour? As the huskies grew up in a community where they helped their owners by offering their labour instead of guarding them, these dogs have become less territorial. That’s why if you compare the breed with German Shepherds or even a Pomeranian, you will see that they do not bark as much.

The meaning behind their bark

Now that you have answered your question, do Siberian Huskies bark a lot? It is time for you to understand the meaning behind the action. By deciphering the purpose of the barks, you will be able to handle any situation better.
For example, say you have taken your dog to a park, and your husky started barking suddenly. The meaning of this bark is that your dog is getting aggressive towards another dog. If your dog is scampering, wagging its tails, and snorting while barking loudly, that means they are about to attack the other dog.

You can easily understand from the above example that the huskies constantly bark for specific reasons. Here are some of the reasons for which your husky may start to bark suddenly.

They want to Play: Like most other dogs, the huskies also bark when they want you to play with them.

They want something: This might be a fairly obvious point, but you should understand it nonetheless. When the huskies want something from you, like attention or a treat, they will bark. But, the barking would not be like the regular loud barks. They will bark softly and quietly as if they are talking with you.

Separation Anxiety: The huskies often get lonely if you leave the dog alone for a long time. When suffering from separation anxiety, your husky will start barking.

Lack of exercise: Overall, huskies are very energetic dogs. They require regular movement to stay healthy and fit. However, they might start barking to relieve the pent-up energy if they do not get that.

Fear aggression: This type of barking gets on the extreme side. If your husky has a deep underlying fear of something, it can start barking to eliminate the threat. This kind of behaviour is only witnessed in the huskies that have been abused before.

Do Huskies make other noises?

While answering no to your question, do Siberian Huskies bark a lot? We have mentioned that the huskies communicate using other means. While they do not bark that often, huskies continuously make other sounds. It is one of the noisiest dog breeds that you can find. Here is a list of different noises that huskies generally make.


The huskies LOVE to howl. If you think your husky would not disturb your neighbour as it does not bark that much, wait till you hear it sing. Howling is the primitive nature of all the dogs. Since huskies depended on howling to communicate with each other for thousands of years, it is easier for them to do it.
Take a husky puppy, for example. If you continue to observe the puppy for some time, you will notice that howling comes easily and naturally to the puppy. While they do learn how to bark later, they still prefer howling.

Why do Huskies howl?

As we have already explained, the huskies bark for a reason. They do not howl without reasons either. More often than not, huskies howl out of boredom. They also like to howl if they have some friends nearby. They use the howling sound to talk to each other. Each husky howl is in different pitches, and the howling can travel miles.


Unlike other dogs, the showing of the huskies often sounds deep-throated. However, this cannot be said for their whining or baying. They whine at a higher pitch and continue it for a shorter while. While baying is more similar to howling, it lasts for a shorter span.

Why do Huskies whine/cry or bay?

More often than not, the huskies whine, bay or cry when they want something from their human companions. It can also mean that you wish for your husky to do something it does not want to do. Try taking your husky to the bath. You might understand what we are trying to say.
The same kind of reaction can be elicited from huskies when their owners tell them off for something. The huskies’ responses in this situation are pretty similar to the tantrums a two-year-old throws. However, these reactions are much more composed and can be hilarious.

All in all, huskies are vocal dogs so, if you live in an apartment and think about getting a husky as they do not bark that often, know that we have given your fair warning.

Siberian Husky with owner
Siberian Husky – friendly

Huskies around Strangers

So, what about when strangers come to your home. Do Siberian Huskies bark a lot in that situation? What about the strangers that are walking past your sidewalk? Does your husky bark at them?
You guessed it right. The answer is no. Huskies love to make new friends, and they are super friendly to everyone. They are great pets if you often entertain friends. However, the huskies make a lousy watchdog, as we have already said. While even a chihuahua would warn you about a stranger breaking into your home, the husky will only wag its tail and beg the stranger for an ear scratch.


Now that you are aware of the meaning of the barks of your husky, it would be easier for you to identify whether there are any problems. If you think your dog is barking without reason, know that there must be some issue. Concentrate on the routine of your dog to find out the problem. If you cannot pinpoint the root cause of the barking, make sure to take your dog to the veterinary doctor as soon as possible.

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