Siberian huskies are one of the most beautiful-looking dog breeds around. With their gorgeous blue eyes and their bouncy fur. Why wouldn’t you want these dogs to be a part of your family? Being an adult and a parent, we need to make the right choices. Your choices will affect the whole family. Even if you don’t have a family yet, most do so in later life. Or have children from close family members visit. Since dogs live for quite some time, it is responsible for us as adults to research a breed you may potentially welcome into your home. You will then know what to expect, and you can plan a long future together trouble-free. Let us find out if the Siberian huskies make an excellent family dog.

Yes, huskies make good family dogs. The breed has been around families and their children since the beginning of time. They are very friendly and have great patience when it comes to children. The Siberian husky breed often would sleep in with the families keeping them warm many years ago, and they were bred with a good temperament in mind.

Now we know they make excellent family dogs. Let’s break it down into their history and how they adapt to training and determine how this affects the individual dog when it comes to family life? You will find a complete buyers’ guide below, helping you budget for a Siberian husky when the time is right.


Like any dog, if you dont train them, they will be left to their own devices and can create havoc on daily life for you. Inadequate training won’t necessarily make them aggressive. However, when you have kids running around the house, the last thing you want to do is have another child acting up, the dog! Huskies can be very naughty when bored, and they will purposely do something for attention, including destructive behaviour. In other ways, huskies dont bark, but they are very vocal. They love to chat by howling. This is one of the important reasons to train them well to reduce howling. An un-trained husky will keep your family up and your neighbours up all night from howling.

A Siberian Husky howling
Siberian Huskies love to howl.

You will need to be firm and have a strict routine for your husky. By doing this, a husky will be able to fit into your hectic family life without adding to your family’s day-to-day stress. Huskies require a lot of exercise since they originate from a sledging background. Huskies are used to burning off excess energy at high intervals. They will need at least an hour a day of vigorous activity.


  • An hour a day minimum

The patience of a saint

Huskies are well known for their patience, and it’s one of their best qualities. It’s mainly down to their ancestors that have firmly installed this behaviour in them. These dogs would pull their family members through the snow and ice, called sledging, their primary transport many years ago. Being top sledging dogs required patience. The patience to work together as a team, go at the same pace as their fellow dogs in the pack and get along with everyone. Sledging has given the Siberian husky extra edge in patience compared to other dogs.

We know that sledging was a big part of the huskies lifestyle, but who used them and where?

huskies in a sled race, snowing
Happy Huskies sledging


In 1908 the Chukchi people from the Siberia region in Russia bred the Siberian huskies, and they treated these dogs as part of the family. They relied heavily on them for warmth and transport. They often let the dogs into the family dwelling for warmth and comfort.

Chukchi tribe later exported a group of Huskies to America to begin a famous journey of the 408 miles Alaska sweepstake. At first, they weren’t impressed with the huskies, and they called them the Siberian rats. However, once they got accustomed to the race, their stamina took hold, and their patience and persistence helped tremendously. The whole Siberian huskies sledging team went on to win the race, which was never thought possible. From this, Fox Maule Ramsay went to Siberia and brought back more of the finest Huskies.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Siberian Husky, here has the info from 1908 right up to the modern day.

Do huskies get along with other dogs?

Yes, huskies love other dogs, so if you have a dog already at home, this will be no problem on the husky’s side getting along.

Do huskies love people?

Yes, huskies love people; they have a friendlier nature towards humans. Huskies love to be near people and communicate with us at all times.

Do older huskies get along with other dogs?

Yes, older dogs dont never lose their love of other dogs. They don’t become grumpy like some older dogs. They are very young at heart, even throughout their more senior years.

Huskies love the outdoors

Below are some of the activities that they would appreciate and enjoy thoroughly.

  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • Biking (running alongside you)
  • Pulling a sledge

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Tips on how to train a husky

Husky outdoor warning

High prey drive

A husky has a high prey drive, and they certainly won’t hold back if they see something that has caught their eye. A Siberian husky will be off chasing in the excitement in a flash. Even if you have trained them to perfection, a husky will still be very much tempted. This is down to their independence, playful and stubbornness that makes them act on an impulse to prey. So, it would be best to keep them on a leash at all times.

Gardens (Escape)

Siberian huskies are driven by prey and excitement, bringing the desire to escape and go on an adventure. You must have an enclosed garden with a fence around it, between six feet and eight feet tall. The fence must be well-secured even below ground because they will dig under to escape also.

Owning a Siberian Husky


  • Flat temperament
  • Friendly
  • Loving
  • Kid-friendly
  • Elderly friendly
  • Stranger friendly
  • Other dogs friendly
  • Not possessive
  • Playful
  • Smart


  • Escape artists
  • High energy
  • Excessive Howling (If untrained)
  • Heavy Shedding
  • Strangers very friendly
  • High exercise needed
  • Energic
  • Destructive without training
  • strong-willed
  • Stubborn

Huskies and children’s safety advice

Even though the Huskies are one of the best breeds with children, you still need to be as safe as any dog. It would be best to always supervise kids with a Siberian husky as you would do with any other dog. Even with their amicable temperament, you should still do so.

Siberian Husky dog Funny Portrait looking at camera lying on green grass and playing with two girls
Siberian Husky dogs love kids.

Introducing a Husky with a baby

Like any dog, you must be careful with newborns, especially when they meet. You will need to introduce a dog and a newborn with caution. Dont leave the dog out, or they could become jealous. Always be around and never leave your baby unattended with a Husky.

Kids and Huskies can get along.

When your child is old enough to understand, they need to be taught how to act around a husky. The top priority is no pulling of the fur, no sitting on them, or being heavy-handed. You will need to teach them to be kind and gentle to the dog. Getting them involved in activities, such as training, exercise, and feeding time, will help the husky understand that they are at the bottom of the pack and to know their place. As with a Husky, they will also need teaching to be gentle right from the get-go, the heal and leave it command will help your dog be a better family companion.


  • Height: Female: 50–56 cm, Male: 54–60 cm


  • Weight: Female: 16–23 kg, Male: 20–27 kg

Adoption pricing guide to owning a Siberian Husky

How much does a Siberian husky puppy cost to buy?

To buy a Siberian husky puppy can cost you anywhere from £1,500 up to £2,500, the average price being £1,800. Anywhere that is cheaper or more expensive than this, you should be wary, and you must delve deeper to check where the dog is coming from and from who. When purchasing a Siberian husky, buying from a reputable breeder should be the top priority.

How much does an adult Siberian husky cost to buy?

Private sellers should be selling an adult Siberian husky at around the 1k mark. No lesser amount, or you must wonder why anyone is selling for this low of a price.

Be wary of free to a good home dog advertisements.

Never accept a free dog online. It’s doubtful to see a Husky offered for free online, but it’s more than likely fake if you do come across it. If you ever see a free dog advertised, you should contact the website owner and report it, especially since free dogs encourage bad behaviour among humans. Some people will have anything just because it’s accessible regardless of whether they have sat down and thought about it. Can they offer it the right home or not? Or, possibly, the potential buyer could be using the dogs for unruly sports. So it’s always wise to report any free dogs advertised. Perhaps the owner does believe it could go to the right home. However, anyone willing to pay for a dog is more serious and ready to provide a home than those who are not.

The ongoing monthly cost of owning a husky

  • Good quality food: £40

You will need good quality food for a husky, which will give them a good start in life and lead to a healthy long age.

  • Dog Treats: £10

Choose healthy options when providing your dog with treats as this will be best for their health, especially dental hygiene.

  • Pet Insurance: £35

The price can vary depending on which company you go with; however, £35 is a reasonable estimate for a decent cover plan.

  • Toys: £10

Huskies love to chew, and they will get through many toys in their lifetime; keeping aside £10 a month will help with their mental needs to reduce boredom.

For vet appointments, although you dont pay monthly, I have broken it down from quarterly check-ups to monthly estimates.

  • Veterinary check-ups: £15 monthly

The £15 won’t cover additional treatment required, and you will need to pay for the insurance excess fees if the treatment is covered, and if not covered by the insurance company, you would need to pay for the entire treatment. Dental problems are often not covered on most pet insurance policies. This is why it’s most important not to feed your dog anything other than good quality dog food and healthy treats. Never give your dog table scraps or any human foods. You should research before letting your dog consume any of it if you do.

  • Flea and tick treatment: £5

Total ongoing monthly price: £85

The above prices are for the basic needs of a husky dog. However, you may want to add extra items, like paw cream or more lavish items, because, after all, your husky will become a big part of your family’s life, and you will want to spoil them. So make sure you allow for this.

If you choose to get your husky spayed or neutered, this will also be a cost you will need to pay. Getting a dog is part of being a responsible dog owner and is generally not covered by pet insurance. The price is between £150 – £250 to get a Husky dog spayed or neutered.

First-time essentials

When you first get your dog, you will need to buy the essentials like bowls, blankets, an adequate supply of poo bags, puppy pads, toys, a bed, leash and collar. Perhaps a cage if you crate train your puppy, a stair gate if you need to block off certain house areas. Total for essentials £300

You will need to purchase a larger dog bed if you get a Puppy at around five months old. Eventually, a husky will require a larger bed; however, more extensive beds can be pretty costly for a decent one. The future price of a large bed is £80 for a decent one that will last.

Grooming brushes

Unfortunately, one of the downsides to a Siberian husky is the amount of shedding. It can be pretty intense, especially when shedding one of their double-layered coats. So you will need a decent brush to maintain the shedding. £20

Total of the one-off payments to owning a dog at the beginning.

  • Cost of the average Husky dog: £1800
  • First-time essentials as detailed above £300
  • Spayed or neutered: £150
  • Grooming brushes and Shampoo £30

Total amount: £2,280

As explained above, the overall cost of a dog from the get-go would be £1,980. However, you can easily spend much more than this, depending on your preferences.

How long do huskies live?

Siberian huskies can live up to fifteen years old. On average, the Siberian huskies live to twelve years old. A significant impact on a dog’s life is what food you provide them with, along with what mental and physical stimulation you provide. Your husky will live longer if treated well.

Essential needs of a husky

  • Mental exercise
  • Physically exercise
  • Routine
  • Firmness

Living space

Siberian huskies are best suited to live in a house with an enclosed back garden. They aren’t suitable for apartment living. However, like any dog, they will adapt. But it would be best to have them in an ample living space with an outside enclosed area.

On the hunt for excitement, looking for people, other dogs, and prey to sniff out in search of adventure. An enclosed garden is preferred and easier for you, especially if you have a family. However, be warned that they love to get out and be free, and they will not think twice about jumping over a fence or running out the back door and going on a run.

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Are huskies good with cats?

Huskies are brilliant dogs; they respect fellow dogs, friends and us humans. However, If the dog has not been brought up with cats, an adult husky that is not used to cats will see them as prey targets and chase. It would not be a good idea to introduce an adult husky to a cat. However, owners can train puppies and introduce them to cats or kittens early. So if you have a cat, already you must get a puppy or an adult husky dog that has lived with cats before.

siberian husky puppy in the home on old red vintage carpet
Beautiful blue-eyed husky puppy

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Well, that is the complete guide to what family life could be with a Siberian husky and roughly how much you are likely to pay out each month if you are dedicated and ready to take on a Siberian husky. I believe that a Siberian husky will make a brilliant addition to any family, given what they know from above. You will not be disappointed, and you and your family will make many happy memories together.

Happy maybe husky parenting!

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