Find out which foods are good for your dog and which are bad. You need to make sure you know the right amounts of food and how it should be cooked to protect your dog. A dog’s nutritional needs are different to humans, and by educating yourself through my articles, you’re in the best position to keep your dog safe and healthy.

Can Dogs Eat Pasta?

Dogs are part of the family, and we love to spoil them with delicious human foods. But can dogs eat pasta? The answer is a little complicated. While pasta is generally safe for dogs to eat in moderation, there are some potential health risks. So, let’s look at the safest ways to feed your dog …

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Young woman eating pasta with a dog watching

Can Dogs Eat Prawns? (Risks)

Don’t panic if your dog has sneaked a few cooked prawns whilst you weren’t looking. It’s more than likely your dog will be fine, keep your eye on your dog and check for any of the symptoms listed. If the prawns were raw, you would more likely need some worming tablets, to be on the safe side.

Prawns and a Dog

Can Dogs Eat Marmite?

Being a responsible dog owner, you should consider the type of food items that should be served to your dogs. You need to be very conscious of the foods that your pet consumes every day.

Tub of marmite and a dog looking from behind it
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