Adorable puppy Jack Russell Terrier on the carpet playing with owner.

Why Does My Dog Get Excited When I Lay Down On The Floor?

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It can be hard to understand a dog, mainly since they dont talk. However, we have other ways to understand dogs through their body language.

Understanding your dog

It’s usually easier to understand dogs when they belong to you. You can tell by their normal behaviour from their unusual behaviour, such as being in a playful mood, a bit moody, or sleepy. You often find yourself adjusting your behaviour to suit them without even realising.


Dogs and humans defiantly have a basic form of communication through our body language. What happens when you do something out of sort or vice versa? What if your dog got up and started doing a cartwheel? You would certainly think that was strange and would more than like to be very excited.

Dogs think it’s out of character for humans to lay on the floor randomly. The excitement in your dog kicks in, and without thinking, your dog will rush over to you and commence playtime, licking, barking and even pulling on clothing. It’s through pure excitement your dog does this.

If you change your behaviour, your dog will notice that if you are sad or angry, your dog will pick up on this. Some breeds, more than others, take a poodle. For instance, their intelligence is exceptionally high, and a poodle will understand you much more than expected. See here how intelligent the poodle is and how its personality is kind.

male owner sitting on lawn playing with poodle
Poodles are highly clever, and they love to play.

Another dog breed that’s good at noticing human behaviour is Jack Russell Terriers because they are so devoted to us and loyal to their owners. Jack Russells are watching us closely, which enables them to spot any different behaviours. Here you can learn about the personality of the Jack Russell Terrier.

Adorable puppy Jack Russell Terrier on the carpet playing with owner.
Playtime with Jack Russell Terrier


Laying on the floor, you invite them to play with you, getting down to their level to play. I often do this with my dogs, and it’s an excellent way to get those endorphins flowing.

Enjoy your playtime with your dog.

Happy dog parenting

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