Dachshunds are known as wiener dogs, sausage dogs, or badger dogs, they are a unique breed of dog because of the length of their body. Dexter, our family dog, loves his carrots, you can tell this by the image above, and he often gets a raw carrot between his meals. If you are looking at treating your Dachshunds with something new, healthy and low-fat, instead of the shop-bought treats, a carrot will make for a perfect choice. We all know that our Dachshunds love their food, especially Dexter, he would frequently eat just for the sake of it, if he could. Along with his weighted out daily portion of food, he also gets to enjoy a carrot.

The Dachshund breed is known for putting on weight so understandably we need to make the right choice for them. Let’s find out if carrots are okay for Dachshunds.

Plain cooked carrots and raw carrots are safe, healthy options for Dachshunds. They provide them with an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Carrots are low in fat and won’t make your Dachshund gain weight, which they are often prone to. Raw carrots also help improve your dog’s dental hygiene.

We now know that carrots are generally safe for dogs to eat, but what about elderly dogs? Depending on your Dachshund’s age, this will determine whether you will give them a whole raw carrot or boiled, since the older they are, the fewer teeth. It would be best to shave a raw carrot into thin strips since this will be easier for them to consume. Whole raw carrots, even bite-sized pieces can be a choking hazard to an elderly dog with few teeth. If in doubt boil the carrots in plain water and serve to your elderly dog.

What about Dachshund puppies can they eat carrots? When they are born, they should only have their mothers milk. Most puppies go to their forever home from eight or twelve weeks old. At this age, they are still too young. So it is best if you didn’t offer carrots at this time, mostly raw. It would be best when they are around the age of four months onwards.

Carrots are packed full of beta-carotene which is then converted into Vitamin A when consumed. It is an essential much-needed vitamin in your dog’s everyday diet, and it aids in many parts of their continued health as they grow, such as their skin, coat, eye health, growth and reproductive health. Let us find out the benefits of a carrot treat for dogs.

The benefits of a carrot in dogs

Vitamin A

Skin and coat

Not only will your dog’s skin and coat look and feel good. The skin and coat of a dog also play a vital role in regulating your dog’s body’s temperature. Whilst keeping your dog hydrated and protected from the sun.

Eye Health

The importance of vision is very much essential to a dog. The antioxidant vitamin A will keep the eyes of your Dachshund nice and healthy throughout their life.

Growth and energy

Vitamin A plays a big part in dogs’ growth and energy, helping with the development of muscles and neurological function. It’s an essential vitamin for all dogs, especially puppies, and the very young still in the womb.

Reproductive health

Dogs that are pregnant or nurses Vitamin A will keep them healthy throughout the pregnancy. It also protects the puppies and keeps them healthy and happy. Vitamin A is much needed in early development and normal body function when nursing or in the womb.

Dietary Fibre

Fibre is required in a dogs daily diet; it promotes healthy bowels and keeps dogs digestion regular. Fibre helps absorb other vitamins and minerals also, and this helps to get the very best out of them. It aids regulation of a dogs blood sugar, preventing spikes and dips throughout the day. Fibre will reduce hunger in dogs, making them feel fuller for longer.

Low in fat

Carrots are low in fat, making them a perfect choice for dogs breeds like Dachshunds as they are prone to gain weight, its best to opt for a carrot rather than shop-bought treats, as they often contain unhealthy ingredients. Weight gain in Dachshunds can bring many complications, such as extra strain on their unique long bodies.

Improves a Dachshunds dental health

Oral health is critical in dogs, munching on a raw carrot can help your Dachshunds teeth, by preventing the build-up of plaque and reducing the risk of gum disease.

We now know what a carrot can positively do to dogs’ health; it has inside much need vitamins without a doubt. In contrast, most dogs will get this from their well-balanced dog food. Adding an extra healthy carrot option over sinful treats gives them an extra nutritional boost whilst aiding in good oral health.

What happens when a Dachshund doesn’t get enough vitamin A? Vitamin A deficiency can lead to Dachshunds having severe health problems, the primary concern being blindness. A lack of Vitamin A in your dog’s diet could mean they could lose their eyesight. Dogs that are often giving table scraps as their main diet, commonly suffer from this.

How many carrots can my dog eat?

Depending on your dog’s diet, this will depend on how many carrots you can give them. Too much can cause your dog diarrhoea and sickness. It would be best to check with your veterinarian for a more personal recommendation for your dog.

Can all dogs eat carrots?

Yes, all dogs can benefit from eating carrots they are safe, low in fat and a healthy treat for any dog.

Why do dogs like carrots?

A dog will use their sense of smell to decide if something is worthy of munching on. Carrots must smell yummy to them; otherwise, they wouldn’t eat them. A dog has many receptors on its nose more so than us humans—learn here about a dogs nose and the amazing thing a dog can do with its sense of smell.

All in all, Dogs need a well-balanced meal to get their vital daily vitamins and nutrients. We all like to treat our dogs! As an owner of a Dachshund, we know that they are prone to weight gain, and picking the right kind of treats suitable for their health is a responsible choice.

If you are interested in learning about the history of the Dachshund breed and how they were nearly killed off in the UK during World War I and World War II, here is an article I wrote, starting from the 15th century until the modern day.

I hope your dog enjoys his or her carrot treats as much as Dexter does, my added advice is it can get a little messy so be on hand to pick up bits of carrots and don’t be alarmed when they get stuck between your toes.

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Happy dog parenting!

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