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Can Dogs Eat Carrots? (Best Practices)

It is hard not to give your dog treats. We know that they love food, and since we love them, we want to provide them with something tasty. But you should only give your dog certain foods. Let’s find out if you can feed them carrots.

Dogs can safely eat carrots, and they can provide them with many health benefits whilst being low in fat. Carrots are packed full of healthy nutrients, like beta carotene, fibre, potassium and vitamin K1, making carrots the perfect tasty, healthy treat to feed your dog.

Health Benefits

Carrots are a good source of beta-carotene. This nutrient is converted into Vitamin A, which is excellent for your dog’s eye health. Antioxidants in carrots can reduce the risk of diseases, and potassium helps keep dogs’ hearts healthy and blood pressure stable. Additionally, the fibre in carrots also aids in digestion. So much goodness packed into a single carrot.

  • Antioxidants  
  • Beta carotene  
  • Fibre  
  • Potassium  
  • Vitamin K1

How Best Served To An Adult Dog

Raw carrots

When treating your dog to a healthy, delicious carrot, you must always wash the carrot first. No need to top and tail the carrot! Dogs will have a great time chopping down on a raw carrot. It’s excellent for their teeth and keeps them entertained for a while.

Boiled Carrots

If you have a dog that loves its food so much, they scoff it without thinking about it. You might want to boil the carrots before giving them to your dog. Cooking the carrots first will help prevent your dog from choking on the carrot.

Please make sure they have cooled down to room temperature before serving. Never add seasoning, like salt or garlic, as these ingredients are highly toxic to a dog and must be avoided.

Senior dogs

Senior dogs will also benefit from the carrots being boiled rather than raw. Cooked carrots are softer on their teeth and gums compared to raw. As dog’s age, their teeth also become loose, weak or fall out.

  • Wash the carrot be for serving
  • Cut it into smaller pieces, so it is easier to chew. 
  • Make sure you wait for them to cool before you serve them
  • Never add anything like butter, oil, salt, or garlic.


When treating your puppy to carrots, remember they are still learning how to eat solid foods, so you should avoid giving them raw carrots. Only serve boiled or grated carrot to a puppy up until the age of around six months. 

I have written a more detailed article when treating a puppy to carrots.

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Can dogs eat carrots every day?

Yes, they can eat carrots every day. Carrots are good for their health and provide a lot of benefits. They are also low in fat and can keep dogs entertained.

Do all dogs like carrots?

Every dog is different; however, you can try them with a carrot, and if they turn their nose up and walk away, you will know that it doesn’t tickle their tastebuds. There are many other good healthy food choices that you can treat. Like boiled chicken, raspberries, or cucumber.


We all get a bit carried away with treating our dogs to tasty foods, and in some cases, we can overfeed them, and they put on weight. By giving them a carrot, you can keep them entertained with a healthy, tasty treat without worrying that they will put on weight.

Dog Breeds Likely To Suffer From Weight Gain

If your dog is on the list below, it is even more important to make sure you treat them to low-fat treats.


Go get yourself down to the shops and buy some carrots. Fingers crossed, your dog will enjoy them as mine does. With the many health benefits for a dog, it’s a food item not to miss.

Happy Dog Parenting!

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