Yummy, I love a tasty jacket potato it makes the perfect delicious meal for us humans, top it with cheese, tuna, or onion is scrumptious. But are Jacket potatoes safe for our dogs? Being a responsible dog parent, you need to decide are jacket potatoes worth the risk.

Jacket potatoes are safe for dogs to eat; however, you need to be aware if consumed alongside their well-balanced diet can lead to obesity. The Jacket potatoes will need to be cooked plain without adding extra ingredients.

We know that by giving four dog Jacket potatoes as well as his usual daily meals can lead to having too many carbohydrates, your dog will inevitability put on weight leading to many health issues.

About potatoes

There are hundreds of varieties of potatoes to choose from, like Maris Piper, Desiree or King Edwards and you often walk into a supermarket, and they have a whole stand full of different types. They are pretty much all the same packed mainly with carbohydrates. Other nutrients found in potatoes, is fibre, potassium and vitamin C. The most nutritious part is the skin which is full of fibre.

Carbohydrates Food List

Dogs can eat other types of carbohydrates. Here is a table to help you choose the best food for your dog. Click on each food to learn more about how to feed them to your dog safely.

Safe or UnsafeFood item
SafeMashed potato
SafeJacket potato
Table of carbohydrate foods that are safe or unsafe for a dog to eat

When serving a jacket potato your dog:

  • Thoroughly cook the jacket potato. Raw potatoes contain solanine, which can be toxic to some dogs; cooking the potato reduces the solanine.
  • Dont serve straight from the oven it will be too hot, let the jacket potato cool down before feeding. Break it apart to aid with the cooling process.
  • Slightly mash up the potato, it will help your dog eat it better.
  • Dont add any oil during or after the cooking process.
  • Do not add any seasoning, like, onion, salt. Salt and onions are highly toxic to dogs.
  • Dont add any dairy like butter or cheese, its a common health issue that dogs are lactose intolerant and find digesting dairy a problem.
  • Ensure the jacket potato is plain

If your planning to introduce jacket potatoes to your dogs daily meals, you will need to talk to your veterinary professional they can help you and bring to your attention any issues that this may bring.

In the know-how

If you’re looking at new diet opportunities for your dog, you may want to consider a course in Canine Nutrition. You will learn and understand the importance of feeding your dog the right food items and the wrong foods. You will have first-hand information. I have completed this very same course, and I have learnt so much. Its open to all ages has a brilliant online community. Check it out at Centre of excellence it’s a credited diploma. Canine nutrition and all you need to know and more about canine nutrition.

Although dont worry about completing the course if you dont want to, you can see the many posts I have written about other foods here.

Happy dog parenting!

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