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Can You Use E45 Cream On Dogs?

The importance of checking if something is safe for dogs to use is essential to being a good dog parent and wanting the best for your beloved pet. Let’s find out if E45 Cream is safe for dogs.

No, it would be best not to use E45 cream on dogs because it’s a moisturiser suitable only for human skin. There are no healing properties in E45 Cream that would benefit any dogs skin. It’s solely for making human skin soft.

E45 Cream

E45 Cream has been around for 60 years. First made as a hospital-grade moisturiser, its success led to the product going onto store shelves, and it continues to be an excellent choice among humans today! Like many of us, I use it on my eczema; however, I do not use it on my dogs. 

Three Main Active Ingredients

  • Lanolin
  • White Soft Paraffin
  • Liquid Paraffin

To help you understand why E34 Cream isn’t the best choice for a dog’s skin, you must learn the differences between human skin and a dog’s skin. 

Differences Between Human Skin And Dogs Skin

  • Human skin is a lot thicker than dog skin, making it much more sensitive to creams. Humans have ten to fifteen deep cell skin, while dogs have only three to five cells deep.
  • Dogs shed their skin every two to three weeks, and humans are every two to four weeks.

Skin Layers

Dogs skin has three main layers, which are the epidermisdermis and hypodermis

The epidermis is the outer part of the dog’s skin which is the main barrier, and this is a lot thinner than the skin of a human. Also, the thickness between dogs varies between age and breed. The poodle is known to have the most delicate, and labradors are known to have the thickness. 

The dermis is located below the epidermis, and this part contains the connective tissue for a dogs fur. It also has the job to nourish and supplying the blood vessels to the epidermis. The dermis can vary in thickness depending on the dog breed and age. However, the dermis is a lot thinner than humans regardless. 

The deepest skin layer is the hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue) which is made of fat. The thinnest hypodermis area on a dog is on the chest, and the thickest area is the Abdomen. The study here shows that when a dog gains weight, this is the part that holds the fatty cells. The hypodermis will be much thicker when a dog gains weight. Depending on a dog’s weight, the hypodermis is still thinner in dogs compared to humans most of the time.

Now we know the differences in the skins between dogs and humans; you now understand that moisturising creams made for humans are not such a good idea to use on our dogs. Creams for dogs will be made for dogs which the correct ingredients that are non-toxic. 


If you thought about using E45 for your dog’s skin because it’s dry or flaky, you should consider the below options instead, which are made for a dog’s skin.

Use the below creams only if you have already confirmed and ruled out any severe skin problems on your dog with your vet.

Help With Dry/Itchy Skin

Itchy Dog Balm Safe for Licking

Balm for Dry, Itchy Skin, and Skin Irritations

Serious Skin Problems

Before you start applying any cream to your dog, it’s always a good idea to check with a vet first. Some of the more severe conditions can be made worse by using the wrong treatments.


The condition dermatitis is very sore for a dog and often looks red, smells sour and has a weeping liquid from the problem area.

Yeast Infection

It has a sour smell to it and can cause your dogs fur to feel and look greasy.


Ringworm is a fungus that develops and causes circular patches of red, usually raised.


A dog with hypothyroidism often has bald patches and or thinning of the fur, along with a dull coat and flaky skin. They also gain weight very quickly and are very quiet and sleepy.


Just like humans, dogs can also get skin cancer. If you notice lumps, bumps, scabs, warts in colours such as black, brown, red or pink, you should take your dog to the vet to get it checked immediately.


As you can see, flaky skin, dry skin, lumps or red sores can be something much more severe, be sure to take your dog to the vet before you start treating them at home by yourself and remember, do not use E45 cream on a dog.

Good Luck!

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