It’s a sad fact that we all grow old, including our dogs; they don’t live forever. When we grow old, our bodies change, and so do our dog’s. Let’s find out if dogs shed more in their senior years.

When a dog grows old, its skin and coat will become less healthy than a younger dog resulting in more shedding and breaking off. You will also notice more shedding of an older dog’s fur in one place. This is because most older dogs are less active than younger dogs, and the pile will gather in particular areas more so, such as where they like to sleep.

We know now that older dogs will inevitably shed more due to weaker skin, roots and fur. However, other possibilities are on top of the ageing process that older dogs can lose more hair as they age. Let’s go through the common reasons and ways to manage the shedding.

Common reasons why older dogs shed more and resolutions

Older dog’s move less

Since our older dogs dont tend to move around as much, the fur isn’t spread out as much as the younger dogs, which could indicate that your dog is shedding more than you think. However, we could look at the positive side of this, and it could be a good thing since most of the hair will be in one or two places—less overall hoovering of your house.


You could get a little handheld hoover and concentrate on removing the excessive hair from their favourite places, usually where they sleep. It is quicker to get out than the main hoover if it’s handheld.

Extra brushing, if your dog enjoys a good brush, then take the opportunity to brush them more. Please note that older dogs will be more delicate and frail. Some dogs do not like to be fussed as much. Depending on your dog, you can increase the brushing if they don’t mind. Extra brushing will help with the excess hair of an older dog.

Frustration and stress

Older dogs are still young at heart, and they still want to do all the same things when they were younger, greet you at the door, bark at the neighbours as they go by. The older they get, the less they can do what they used to enjoy, leading to older dogs being a bit stressed and frustrated. This has a knock-on effect that can affect their coat’s health condition and cause more shedding than usual.


By understanding your older dogs needs, you can resolve the frustration with ease. Perhaps you have the dog bed located next to the window. Why not move it away from the window or when you come in from being out of the house, greet your dog straight away, you go to them rather than them struggling to come to you.

Like all Jack Russell terriers, they are devoted to their owners. I had an older JRT who lived to 16 years old, and he was a big-time door greeter all his life. When he got older, my first thought was to see my dog when I returned home. I would go straight to him rather than call him and wait for him to hopple to me.

Just changing these little habits can substantially impact the mental condition of an older dog. Which also plays a significant role in the state of their coat.

Nutritional problems

It’s a known fact that when dogs get older, they can go off their food now and then. When older dogs dont eat, they miss out on their essential vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals contribute to and support their skin and coat conditions. If the skin and coat don’t get the desired amount of goodness, a senior dog will, in doubt, shed more.


If you have a fussy senior dog that tends not to eat all its food, you could consider changing the food brand for better quality—giving your dog a smaller portion but more servings per day. If your dog eats dry food, try soaking the dry food in water for a few hours, then serving it to your dog. Plus, be mindful that older dogs have fewer teeth and make mealtime header if given dry food.

Please speak with your veterinary professional about some older dog health supplements. All dogs are different, so you should contact your dog’s vet, and they will recommend supplements specifically for your older dog. Many brands on the market are suitable for dogs coat health. Still, as dogs get older, they become more sensitive to the ingredients, and you could do more harm than good.

If your dog has any underlying health issues, you should always consult a vet first.

Top Tip – Dry food! – For dogs fed on dry food, try soaking them in water before serving to your dog. The little bits of dry food will soak up all the water and go nice and fluffy. This way, it’s easier for your dog to chew, swallow, and digest this way. Another benefit to soaking dry food is that your older dog will be getting some extra hydration.

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Underlying health problem

Your dog can shed more due to an underlying health problem. As dogs grow up and get to a certain age, their bodies can’t fight off illnesses like they used to. Usually, if your dog is poorly, there will be other signs as well.

The common illnesses of an older dog:

  • Arthritis
  • Gum Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney Disease
  • Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Blindness


If you believe your dog could be shedding excessively due to an illness, you must contact your veterinary professional. Senior dogs are never too old to receive treatment, even if the only treatment available makes them more comfortable.

Top Tip: Smother your older dog in love and cuddles!

More than just shedding

If your dog is balding in certain areas, you must take them to the vets to get treatment, as they could be suffering from some skin infection that needs to be looked at ASAP. Mainly because they are old, their bodies are no longer equipped to deal with such diseases.

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If you have a dog that’s not entirely of age just yet, I hope the above has given you an insight into the future expectations of what is to come with shedding. If you already have an older dog, please take on board the top tips. Soak their dry food so they can eat with more ease and give plenty of love and cuddles to your older dog.

Happy senior or soon to be senior dog parenting!

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