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Why Does My Dog’s Bed Get Wet Underneath? (Problem Solved)

Sleep is the most important part of your dog’s daily routines, and there is nothing like nice naps for a dog throughout the day. Sleeping keeps them healthy, relaxed and ready to start the day full of playtime and cuddles. We love to treat our pets with new beds; although, not sure if they can sense it when they have a new comfy bed like us humans do. But I like to think they do. On average, a dog gets around five to ten dog beds in its lifetime. They generally get changed once a year or every couple of years. I think that’s probably a fair amount. Sometimes they get changed as much as part of the house furniture. Some dog owners don’t like to put them in the washing machine, so they get a new bed instead. Have you brought a new bed recently, and it’s getting wet underneath? Let’s find out some of the possibilities as to why this is? And how you can solve it. Not only must it be uncomfortable for your dog, but it will also encourage damp smells and can ruin the flooring in your home.

A dogs bed can get wet underneath due to the bed not being waterproof. The wet dog or toilet accidents will leak onto the floor underneath. The dog bed is waterproof; however, condensation is forming underneath due to the room’s high humidity and the floor being cold. This will create wetness under a dog bed.

Now we know the two possible causes of wet underneath a dog bed. let’s look at how to solve this.

Dogs being dogs will get wet, and we all know that dogs love to go on adventures, jump in puddles, swim in the sea. Even get wet from the rain. Here in the UK, it pretty much rains most days. However, dog’s don’t care about getting wet and then back home to chill in their dog bed.

Pressure on the owner

It’s hard for an owner to constantly wash and bathe a dog after each walking session, plus ensuring that they are dry before they can even return to their beds. So, It would be best that you always have a waterproof dog bed for them. It doesn’t need to be fully waterproof; as long as the dog bed base is waterproof, this will stop any wetness from the dog leaking onto the floor and creating its own mini-ecosystem underneath full of mould, dirt and germs. Plus, it won’t spoil your flooring, especially if its laminate or carpet.

Raise it – Solved

The waterproof bed is a must! However, we need to go that bit further. If the room is of high humidity and you have the bed on, say tiled flooring, condensation will build up underneath. Your dog might be nice and dry now, but after time the dampness will make its way through even if it is waterproof. The underneath will be a breeding ground for mould and germs. To resolve this, the bed then needs to be raised, and this will create a flow of air underneath and stop any condensation from building up. Ventilation is key for solving the condensation!

Raised dog bed, and a dog laying down - Text AIR CAN CIRCULATE
Air can circulate

Even though it’s raised, the dog bed platform needs to be waterproof because water can drip through onto the flooring if its just fabric, creating a mini puddle of wet dog underneath.

We now know the best dog beds need to be raised, and the base needs to be waterproof.

Tips for choosing a good dog bed


When choosing a dog bed, don’t just look for the comfiest one. You must check the materials in which the dog bed is made out of. The majority of the dog beds on the market are actually bad for dogs and are made with chemicals that can actually harm your dog as well.


Always get a dog bed bigger than your dog; many times, I have brought dog beds in the past, and my dogs were too big for them. Even though its the recommended size. Let’s not forget dogs love to stretch out. Consider if you have a dachshund or a corgi, you may need to get an even bigger dog bed. Since they are long, they need to have a dog bed that suits their long body length.


Not everyone likes to put a dog bed into a washing machine; however, if you wash it more than often, it will help when you come to wash it each time, not having mud or any accidents build upon each wash. You will have less muck on it, and the washing machine easily washes it. If you have a dog that sheds a lot, make sure you brush the hair off before putting the bed into the washing machine.

How does condensation form underneath a dogs bed?

Condationsation forms under a dogs bed, from the warmth of your dog and the colder surface underneath. The dew point hits a particular temperature, and then condensation is inevitable. The surface will condense into water. It’s the collaboration between warmth and cold. Warmth is the dog’s body heat, and the cold being the tilled surface or cold air within a room.

Material inside a dog bed after condensation has taken place underneath

Depending on how long it has been going on, if you have only just noticed it, you may be able to keep the bed and move it to another area of the house away from tiled flooring and cold areas in the house. However, in many situations, you will need to get a new bed for your dog, as the material inside will have no support for your dog’s joints or muscles anymore and can be riddled with mould and even parasites.

Alternative dog beds with no risk of condensation or wetness from a dog

With so many dog beds that I have had over the years, I have learnt to spot the better ones. Here below are some of my favourites.

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog – Amazon

Sizes available: – S, M, L, XL (Don’t forget bigger is better, that’s if you have room)

Colours available:

  • Beige Coffee-Mesh
  • Black Silver-Mesh
  • Black-Mesh
  • Blue-Mesh
  • Brown-Mesh
  • Green-Mesh
  • Orange Red-Mesh
  • Orange Red-Mesh

This also comes with a cushioned side around the raised platform; however, it is slightly more expensive.

Thats the raised part, done! Now we need a waterproof based comfy dog mattress topper. If you still have your old bed and it hasn’t got too damaged from the condensation, you can place it on top of a raised dog platform. If it’s too damaged, you will need to get another. The below here will fit nicely on top keeping your dog dry, and the floor not wet.


You can use a blanket on the top, as the raised frame is waterproof as much as the mesh can be; however, if you love to spoil your dog, get a topper, and a blanket would be best.

Dog topper with a Labrador laying on top
Dog Mattress

Bedsure Foam Dog Mattress – Amazon

Standard Blankets

Three blankets and a dog looking at camera
Blankets x3, one in the wash, one on the dog and one drying.

DIGIFLEX Large Pet Blankets Dog – Soft Fleece – Amazon

Luxury Blankets

Luxury blanket - blue
Luxury blanket – PawPride

PawPride Luxury Pet Blanket – Amazon

Luxury blankets in eight colours on a white background
Luxury blankets – Warm Soft Fuzzy Blanket

Warm Soft Fuzzy Blanket comes in eight different colours – Amazon.


Your dog is going to love you, raised bed, topper and a blanket. Why not throw in a new toy as well. Good luck in resolving the issue. Everything comes at a price, but remember, if you were to move the bed into somewhere warmer and off the cold floor, condensation should stop. However, you need to consider how much damage the mattress has already got. I hope this has helped.

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