So, you’ve got a new puppy, and it’s time for bed. You settle them in their cage or bed downstairs, leaving them nice and comfy; they’re all fed and been to the toilet, but the minute your head hits the pillow, the crying start. Crying at night is a widespread problem with new puppies. Puppies want to be near you all the time, whether that’s in bed with you or in the bathroom. Dogs are very social animals. So you can understand that they cry when your missing. We all want what is best for our puppies, and I hope this will also help you and your puppy get a night of better sleep.

You need to understand your puppy’s needs to know precisely why they are crying. The majority of puppies cry because they are lonely. There are ways to soothe loneliness through a comfort item, especially in the first few weeks of getting your puppy. You should not leave a crying puppy at night if they are hungry, thirsty or in need of the toilet.

We know that you shouldn’t leave a puppy if they require basic caring needs. Most of the time, puppies cry because they are lonely. Crying and whimpering is the form of communication to you that they are not happy. Instead of leaving them to cry in this instance, let’s find out how to stop it and ease them, especially If you don’t want to get off on the wrong foot with your puppy and have them in bed with you at night. You need to understand pretty quickly how you can do this. Sleepless nights aren’t great for you or anyone in your household. You will need to run through the best practices when putting your puppy to bed at night and ways to soothe the loneliness. It’s all about getting used to your puppy being on their own and settled at night, and then you don’t need to decide the decision won’t be there to make.

Why do puppies cry or whimper?

It’s natural for puppies to be frightened or otherwise distressed in a new house without their mum, brothers, and sisters. They look to you as their new companion and use the same strategies they have already used several times successfully with their mothers. It’s a form of communication; a puppy knows this from an early age. Your puppy would cry or whimper when they are younger, and the mother dog will soon rush to their aid.

Putting your puppy to bed

Firstly, let’s understand that your puppy has been fed, had a drink, and been to the toilet. So, in your eyes, they are happy, and the whole house is ready for bedtime. You get into bed, and the whimpering starts. The whimpering is due to being lonely, so let’s concentrate on making them less lonely. It’s not like you can run out and grab another puppy for a friend whilst they sleep at night.

Assuming you have done all you can to aid your puppy in preparation for bed, fed, watered, completed the last trip to the puppy pad or outside to go to the toilet, and had some exercise and playtime to wear them out.

Here’s my proven trick to aid a puppy being lonely at night

Puppies are all together at birth, and they get comfort from one another, especially by listening to each other’s heartbeats, which makes them feel relaxed and comfortable. Puppies that are growing up with their siblings dont get lonely. Now my trick, which I have used, is a replica of a dog’s heartbeat. When you go to bed, you can snuggle them in with this. Ensure the heating is up so the room is at a pleasant temperature because after all being huddled together at night within the pack, they get nice and toastie, which also aids in the comforting levels of a puppy.

My lifesaver

This was my lifesaver, especially since I had to get up early most mornings. I needed my sleep for my busy day ahead, and I’m sure so do you. So before you have endless sleepless nights, look at the below and work out if this is something you can offer to your puppy at night.

Little Buddy Heart Beat Sheep Dog

Heart Beat Sheep Dog on a white backgound
Heart Beat Sheep Dog (Lifesaver)

The above is a stuffed toy with a mini battery-powered heartbeat replica. It’s something so simple, and it works. It’s perfect for comforting lonely puppies at night. All you do is switch it on at night, snuggle them in a blanket, say good night and go upstairs for a good night of sleep. It’s that easy. It was my lifesaver, and I settled my puppy for a good night’s sleep. Before this, I felt helpless, not settling my puppy. I was tempted to have my puppy in the bed with me, but my partner wasn’t so fussed about it. Luckily I stumbled across this, and it worked the first night.

You should remove the toy in the morning and save it for only nighttime use.

Others on Amazon to choose from, so you can pick another one if you are not keen on the sheepdog. I do hope this helps, and any feedback would be much appreciated.

A puppy with toy, cage in background with heartbeat toy
Here is Dexter just before bedtime. One last play, and you can see in his cage is his Heart Beat Sheep toy ready.

Happy puppy parenting and good nights of sleep!

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