The Afghan hound originated from Afghanistan. This beautiful breed of dog is known as Tāžī Spay or Sag-e Tāzī by the locals. The Afghan hound has many talents and is highly thought of in the dog show industry. With their beautiful long coats and slender faces, they are top-class. Afghan hounds are descendants of some of the oldest dog breeds, going back thousands of years. They are lovely creatures, but could they respond to an unwanted intruder if they broke into the house? If you are looking for a guard dog that’s unusual and unique, it might just be the Afghan hound.

The Afghan hound dog breed is intelligent, alert and wary of strangers, making them a perfect guard dog to spot unauthorised guests entering the family house. They will protect and unleash their thunderous bark. The bark is enough to scare off any intruder, along with the giant size of the breed. Afghan hounds can often be referred to as being laid back, but they know exactly when to step it up when necessary and spring into action.

So not only are Afghan hounds beautiful looking, they can even protect the family home from intruders.

Two Cute Afghan hound puppies, laying down looking at camera
Afghan hound Puppies
Are male and female Afghan hounds equally protective?

Female Afghan hounds are more protective than males; however, a male Afghan hound will sound off the intruder like a female. But their bark isn’t as loud as their female counterparts. Since the scare is in the bark and not the bite, females generally make better guard dogs than male dogs.

Are Afghan hounds intelligent?

They can often come across as foolish or clownish with their laid-back persona, but this isn’t the case. They choose to be like this when they can, and intelligence is a choir. However, an eager-to-learn Afghan hound will learn tricks much quicker than a type of breed like a poodle. It’s just whether or not they can be bothered.

Are Afghan hounds easy to train?

The Afghan hound dog breed can be somewhat lazy regarding training. Treats don’t drive them, so training a dog that doesn’t necessarily get anything out of the training session can be difficult. An Afghan hound will be driven by love and respect for its human companions. But sometimes, this won’t be enough to get them to do the training each time. One day they may wake up, be extra stubborn, and choose to chill out rather than train. You must be gentle with an Afghan dog breed, which does not work well with firmness, so a bond between owner and dog is essential. They like to be one of us, not beneath us in the pack as they should be.

Afghan Hound at show training
Afghan Hound
Are Afghan hounds aggressive?

Afghan hounds are not aggressive; they do not want to bite or bark at their human companions. They generally take life in their stride and don’t often get stressed to be aggressive. Afghan hounds love their space, so you will get along great if you can understand an Afghan hound. You will know when they need to be alone and watch the time pass.

Hypoallergenic: Yes
Origin: Afghanistan
Life expectancy: 12 – 14 years
Temperament: Aloof, Clownish, Dignified, Happy, Independent
Height: Male: 68–74 cm, Female: 60–69 cm
Colours: Black, Cream, Red

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The Afghan hound, known for its large size and thunderous bark, works a treat when dealing with unknown intruders. Their bark’s volume and size are pretty much all they can do to fight off an intruder. The proactiveness of this breed could save your property and give that warning sign to disappear. However, it would help if you remembered to treat them gently, as they aren’t as scary as you may think.

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