LEARN – History of the Havanese dog breed

The relationship between dogs and humans goes a long way back. During the prehistoric ages, humans domesticated dogs or another theory dogs domesticated themselves. Over thousands of years, this bond between dogs and humans has only gotten stronger. Previously dogs were bred as a working companion of the humans. But with the changing times, their […]

Can dogs eat pasta?

According to one of the studies published in 2013, the nutrient requirements of the pet canines. According to that study, your dog should have food that contains 30% of protein, 63% of fats, and 7% of carbohydrates.

Can dogs eat prawns?

Don’t panic if your dog has sneaked a few cooked prawns whilst you weren’t looking. It’s more than likely your dog will be fine, keep your eye on your dog and check for any of the symptoms listed. If the prawns were raw, you would more likely need some worming tablets, to be on the safe side.