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Can I Use Shea Butter On My Dog?

Shea butter is non-toxic to dogs. However, if excessively consumed can cause upset stomachs in dogs. If your dog is a persistent self licker, then perhaps opting for a lick-safe cream made for dogs will be the safer option.

What is shea butter?

Shea butter is a natural ingredient that comes from the seed of an African Shea tree. The fat in shea seeds is extracted and used in cooking, medicine and cosmetics. Shea butter melts at body temperature, so it’s perfect for absorbing into the skin quickly. It even has SPF properties to protect yourself from the sun. It also contains potent natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agents.

We now know what shea butter is and that it’s non-toxic, but I still recommend getting a lick-safe cream if your dog is known for licking itself. If they aren’t lickers, then you can apply shea butter to your dog, and let’s find out the best practices when using shea butter on your dog. 

See at the bottom of the article for lick safe creams.

Where to use shea butter on a dog

  • Around the genital area
  • Back
  • Base of tail
  • Belly
  • Elbows
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Nose
  • Outside ears
  • Paw pads
  • Paws

Where not to use shea butter on a dog

  • Eyes
  • Inside ears
  • Mouth

Amount to use

The good thing about shea butter is that it absorbs pretty quickly compared to other creams. When applying the cream, never put too much on your dog’s problem area, as this will only encourage your dog to lick it off. Apply a little, and if possible, try to work it in. You can also reapply a small amount each time rather than in one go. 

Shea butter Good for Dogs

  • Cat scratches
  • Collar marks
  • Dogs with wrinkly skin folds
  • Dry skin
  • Excessive itching
  • Flea Bites
  • Minor paw cuts
  • Sunburn


Help With Dry/Itchy Skin

It helps with itchy, dry skin! ProGroom

Help With Paw Pads

Paw balm in a hand and JRT pup looking up at it.
Wax protection for paws! PawTection

Antiseptic Cream Made Specifically For Dogs

Cream that is made for dogs, showing the benefits
Antiseptic cream that is made for dogs. C&G

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