Why Does My Dog Snore? Expected Reasons & Prevention

Snoring happens when the air cant move freely through the nose and throat when your dog is asleep—Causing the surrounding tissue to vibrate, which then makes the snoring sound.


Let's run through the most common reasons why your dog may snore.

The dogs that have a pushed-in face. Such as Shih Tzu, Pug or French Bulldog these types of breeds are much more prone to snore. You more than likely can't stop it, but you can reduce it.

#1 Anatomy

Some dog breeds are prone to snoring!

– Boston Terriers – Boxers – Chow Chow – English Bulldog – French Bulldog – Japenese Chin – Pekingese – Pugs – Shih Tzu

Dog Breeds Likely To Snore

Feeding your dog good quality food and not letting them gain weight will reduce the snoring. Keeping your dog fit and healthy is the best way!

Reduce Snoring!

When your dog has allergies, the lining of the membrane in your dog's nose and throat can become inflamed. When this happens, the air is not moving freely, which will cause vibrations resulting in snoring sounds.

#2 Allergies

– Walk your dog when there is less pollen count. – Check for fleas, and prevent them: it's very common for dogs to be allergic to fleas. – Dog bed materials, go eco!  – Scented candles, don't use candles made from bad ingredients.

Help A Dog With Allergies

Being overweight is unhealthy very harmful to your dog. An overweight dog can lead to many health problems, such as diabetes, poor posture, especially in breeds like the dachshund or corgies.

#3 Weight

Like us, humans, dogs can put on weight.

– Basset Hound – Beagle – Boxer – Bulldogs – Corgies – Dachshund – Golden Retriever – Labradors – Pug – Rottweilers – Scottish Terrier

Dog breeds prone to gain weight and snore!

– Change to a better quality dog food – Choose low-calorie dog treats, like carrots, or homemade dog treats – Do not feed your dog table scraps – Do not overfeed your dog – More exercise where possible

If you feel that snoring is much more serious than the common reasons, you should seek veterinarian advice.

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I hope you have enjoyed learning! the main thing is to keep in mind is  keeping your dog fit and healthy and this will reduce the snoring. Otherwise, some earplugs might be in order.

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