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Human Products That You Can And Cannot Use On Dogs

Human care products are beneficial for humans but sometimes not for our dogs because, after all, they have been made with humans in mind, not dogs. 

Sometimes it’s best, and you have no choice other than to use human products. A few can be recommended, though temporarily. But in times of need. For example, if you need to give your dog healing cream for a minor wound right away and the pet shop is closed, you can use human cream. 

There are human products that you can use on dogs safely if applied appropriately. There are also human products that you cannot use on dogs. If you need to give your dog some creams, lotion, gels, or oils meant for humans, do your research first to be a responsible pet owner. 

Below are some you can and can’t use on a dog. Let’s find out which ones! I recommend the ones you can use on a dog only as a temporary measure.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is non-toxic to dogs. However, if excessively consumed can cause upset stomachs in dogs. If your dog is a persistent self licker, then perhaps opting for a lick-safe cream made for dogs will be the safer option.

Use In Dogs: Reduce dry skin, suitable for dog’s paw pads.


It would be best never to use any of the Dettol products range on your dog. The active ingredient is Chloroxylenol which is poisonous to dogs if ingested or comes into contact with your dog’s skin or coat. It’s hazardous to your dog’s health. You should not apply Dettol to any part of your dog.

Use In Dogs: none

E45 Cream

It would be best not to use E45 cream on dogs because it’s a moisturiser suitable only for human skin. There are no healing properties in E45 cream that would benefit any dog’s skin. It’s solely for making human skin soft.

Use In Dogs: none

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can effectively treat different skin problems such as minor cuts, flea bites, insect bites, and rashes on dogs. Aloe Vera is safe for dogs in its natural gel form, but only if applied correctly. Here are the best practices for using Aloe Vera on dogs.

Use In Dogs: healing, reducing dry skin.

Head And Shoulders Shampoo

Head and Shoulders is not safe to use on your dog’s coat. Head and Shoulders is created for human hair, and it is not safe to use on a dog’s fur. It would be best if you used a shampoo made specifically for dogs. That way, you can be sure that it is safe to use. 

Use In Dogs: none


You can use vaseline on dogs. It is not harmful to them when used correctly. However, be aware of some things before using vaseline. Such as if your dog has a habit of chewing or licking themselves, how much you use, and where you put it. Let us tell you about the best practices for using vaseline on dogs.

Use In Dogs: reduce dry skin, suitable for dog’s paw pads.


Savlon is poisonous to dogs if consumed excessively. Savlon shouldn’t be used on dogs as a permanent treatment. It would be best to look at a cream or ointment suitable for dogs. However, if applied correctly, it is safe for your dog.

Use In Dogs: healing


Bio-Oil is non-toxic to dogs if applied correctly. However, you need to consider if your dog is a self licker or chewer. Bio-Oil is highly toxic to dogs and can cause liver failure or liver damage if consumed excessively.

Use In Dogs: reduces dry skin.


Germolene is safe to use on dogs if applied appropriately and in short term use. You will need to be watchful if your dog chews or licks itself because some of the ingredients in Germolene are not safe for consumption. It would be best to use an alternative cream for dogs for long-term use.

Use In Dogs: healing


You can use Sudocrem on dogs. It’s not harmful to dogs when applied correctly. However, there are a few essential factors to consider before using it. Such as is your dog a frequent self chewer or a self licker, and also the amount you use and where you use it are essential to know. Let us run through the best practices of using Sudocrem on dogs.

Use In Dogs: healing

TCP Antiseptic Liquid

TCP is not safe to use on dogs. TPC is considered a dangerous chemical. The main ingredient of TPC is halogenated phenols, and phenol is toxic to dogs if ingested or come into contact with them, leading to serious health problems.

Use In Dogs: none


Benadryl is safe for dogs if applied correctly. If your dog has irritated, itchy skin, using a small amount of Benadryl cream can help. Apply the cream for a few days, but no more than that. Too much cream can make the skin thinner and make healing harder.

Use In Dogs: skin irritation relief

Tea Tree Oil

Pure tea tree oil is very poisonous to dogs. The oil form of tea tree is too strong for them, and excessive amounts will cause poisoning, which can be fatal. Unless the product is made for dogs, you should avoid using it on your dog altogether. That way, you know that it will contain the right amount and is safe for your dog.

Use In Dogs: none unless in products made for dogs

Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub is unsafe for dogs because it contains toxic ingredients called camphor, eucalyptus and menthol. It can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and skin irritation. You should never use this product on a dog or as a deterrent for stopping chewing or biting.

Hydrocortisone Cream

As a temporary measure, you can use human Hydrocortisone cream on your dog, as long as they aren’t self lickers or chewers. However, it’s always better to use creams meant for dogs. If in doubt, speak to your veterinarian.

Use In Dogs: skin irritation relief

Alternatives To Human Products

Below are some alternatives to human products. These products focus solely on the dogs, skin and fur and have the dog’s best interests rather than humans.

Antiseptic Creams Made For Dogs (Healing And Lick-Safe)



Itchy Treatment Creams For Dogs

It’s natural, organic and made for a dog, and the good news is that it is lick-safe! The balm from the progroom smells good; unlike some balms, they can be stinky.

Pot of cream to help dogs with itchy skin, lid is off and is on a white background
Dog Skin Balm for Itchy Skin Relief

progroom Dog Skin Balm for Itchy Skin Relief – Amazon

Dry Skin

Dry skin balm is 100% natural and made for dogs, and it is lick-safe. The cream also has antifungal properties.

Dog Balm for dry skin by Wild Dog Co
Dog Balm for dry skin by Wild Dog Co

Dog Balm for dry skin by Wild Dog Co – Amazon

Shampoos For Dogs

C&G Pets (My Fave) is perfect for itchy, flakey skin and even has an antifungal treatment, so you are not just soothing or washing it away; you’re treating it simultaneously.

Trixie – A German company that has been around for more than 45 years, has made an anti-dandruff shampoo that works very well.

I Love Pet Head – For flakey dry, and sensitive skin. I love the shape and colour of the bottle, and it also smells lovely of strawberry yoghurt.

Paw Creams For Dogs

Paw balm in a hand and JRT pup looking up at it.

Wax protection! PawTection

Deliveries: These days, you can order most things online and have them delivered the next day. This is especially true if you are a Prime member on Amazon, where most items will be delivered in one day. This will save you the hassle of worrying about using the wrong treatments.

When To See A Vet

If the treatments you have given to your dog have not worked in a few days, and there are no signs of improvement or getting worse, it would be best to take your dog to a veterinarian. Veterinarians can tell you what is wrong with your dog and give you the best possible solution, which may be a cream or even a change in diet.

However, it would be best if you took your dog to the vet before giving them any home treatments, although sometimes it’s not always possible that you can get in touch, for instance, at 2 am on a Sunday.

With this in mind, yes, it’s best to take your pet to the vet before giving them any home treatments. However, it’s not always possible!

Happy Dog Parenting and Good Luck!

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